In the legislation we are required to work under

In addition to the registered care home I manage, I also manage a step
down service which consists of self contained flats with a floating support
service. This service is funded using personal budgets. Each resident is
assessed for eligibility for the service to ensure they have skills to live
more independently. The move to the service is part of an agreed pathway
between the service user, ourselves, the responsible clinician and the Ministry
of Justice. The service user will then apply for housing benefit to cover the
rent of the accommodation and a package of care agreed funded by the service
users personal budget. A plan is put in place largely governed by the service
user on the outcomes they would like to achieve. This is usually to continue to
develop more skills to live independently. But, due to the service user being
on a restriction order (S41 MHA 1983) the Ministry of Justice have to agree the
pathway also. In practice this tends to work quite well as on the whole the
Ministry of Justice are led by the supervising team.


This is the legislation we are required to work under and can be
difficult to balance at times. The ethos of the service is to be as person
centred as possible and enable the people who use our service to reintegrate
back into society, to gain the skills that will assist them to work towards
becoming more independent, helping them almost rebuild their lives. But whilst
supporting this we also have to mindful that we are also there to monitor and
assess the people who use our service to ensure the level of risk they pose to
themselves or others is LOW . Because my service is a forensic mental health
service all of the people who use the service will have offended whilst they
were mentally unwell or aspects of their personality were not treated. Some
will have committed very serious offences and will have been in secure
environments for many years due to their illness and associated level of risk.   As care professionals we have to constantly
balance between being gate keepers, ensuring service users adhere to their
conditions of discharge whilst on the other hand promoting and encouraging
choice, aims and objectives they wish to achieve.  

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