In the moment and the length of these sentences

In Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, he uses a unique and remarkable writing style for his method
of narrating the story. Wiesel in Night has done the most difficult things one
can do as a writer. He put the horrific experience in the concentration camps
into words and writing while finding enough words to describe his experience is
challenging. The authors writing style that is unique to his writing and most
effective on getting his emotions and message across to the reader is his
first-person narrative and sentence structure. Wiesel tells his story from a
first-hand perspective but uses reduced language and short sentences instead of
long and complex sentence structure. This writing style gives the reader the
feeling of urgency with his fast pace and abrupt shifts in his writing. For
example, when Elie and the rest of the Jews in the concentration camps were
expelled from the barracks and beaten it was narrated that, “Then came a hot
shower. All very fast…ordered to run some more. Another barrack: the storeroom.

Very long tables. Mountains of prison garb. As we ran, they threw the clothes
at us: pants, jackets, shirts” (36). The short and simple sentences reflect
what was happening at the moment and the length of these sentences allows the
reader to see what Elie was seeing. Without the use of long descriptions and
complex sentences, the reader can imagine the moments with his straightforward
and simplistic way of description. His sentences are fast pace because
everything was happening very fast and Wiesel portrays this to his reader in
the same pace of that moment, ‘all very fast”. The author in his memoir
provides basic and easy to follow sentences that jump from one place to another
that allows him to get the message across to his audience by using the simplest
writing method rather than boring the reader with long complex sentences with a
lot of detail. His fast pace of writing and abrupt shift grabs his reader.

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