In their professors did not throw out their work.

In the documentation stage, architects responsibility for moving the design on the paper, to create the detailed drawing, and to test the feasibility of the design using technology such as CAD.  Also, she said, when the project reaches to the construction stage, the architect plans to participate in the construction site visit, the supervision of the building, approval of various work, negotiation with the contractor, solving the problems that have occurred.

The professor then gave the students a small ability test. In this test, there were some shapes. Students tried to find which shape corresponds to another group’s shape. In the other section, they tried to find which figure is identical to the first figure.

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After the professor’s talk is over, ELS students asked questions to senior students what they wondered. For example, how does the jury evaluate projects? As a legend, they have heard that Jury threw out to garbage some project. They asked whether it’s true. Experienced students said their professors did not throw out their work. However, some students expressed that they did not care about their projects and that a project made of the bad material (such as a chocolate box) shows disrespectfulness for the jury.

One student has heard that architectures have no social life. She asked whether that is true. Senior students said that we always work day and night but at the same time we communicate or do a project together. Also we are able to take advantage of every social opportunity that comes our way, we try to set aside time for ourselves. Also, Nurbanu mentioned that their coordinator and professor plan many social activities like field trips to foreign countries.

Another student asked how many hours a week they spent in the studio. According to them, they have class time that occurred in the studio for 8 hours a week at our university. Also, they spent probably around another 10+ hours at home.

I showed a video about a day of architects before closing the session. It was informative and funny. Also, I wanted students to compare their previous knowledge of their professions with their current knowledge. Later I noted the feedback from the students about the project.




Project Deliverables

The career decision is one of the most difficult tasks that anybody has to face. Students have often put under pressure regardless of their interest in the topic and they start to the higher education. Unfortunately, wrong career decision causes waste of time and money, frustration, dissatisfaction and unsuccessful university and career life.

Many students are not aware of the environmental factors, work options, potential career paths, labor market demands and subsequent employment opportunities when they are studying at university. On the other hand, informed career decisions can assist in conscious career and work choices.

 I developed a project for this reason, and the students learned to manage their own career development and see different places of work to achieve their goals. The project on informed decision making has contributed to the students’ future career, providing them to take action and career planning as soon as possible.

Also, I found that students’ personal goals and career decision influenced by their friends and family acquaintances, and so on. After my project enabled the capture of the participants’ discussions on specific plans to reach a personal goal for career decision making. After this project, students plan to interact with people in a set of interest and getting a job after graduation. Also improving communication skills has become an important issue for them.

Participants were psychologically ready for the sessions because the participation in all sessions provided evidence that they were willing to participate in the project. Also, after participated in experiential activities, it helped students to discuss how certain experiences may have clarified, affirmed, or influenced their confidence. Now they are motivated by their department and skills.

This project helped participants to participate in activities that increased the amount of information and were intentionally and closely related to career decision making. For example, many participants discussed the issue of finding employment and in some cases turned out to be related to career decision-making goals. Students learned experience is an important factor in career path and now, they are open minded about trying several paths. Many students learned how they develop their career path. Their interests are important considerations for choosing a branch of occupation. Before that project, they did not realize every aspect of architecture branches.

Also, this project ensured to university student learn to recognize and appropriately manage advice and information provided by senior students and their professors.

Below you can read the students’ thoughts about the project.

 I asked students what they thought about the project. The students said they were motivated and they wanted to go to the faculty. I have asked what they know about architecture before the project.

One of the students said that he did not know that how much responsibility he has at the construction site. He was thinking to draw a plan only. He said that he knows his responsibilities and learn all the stages of the project now.

Another student did not think that English is so necessary for this department. But after seeing Professor Carl, he said that he should study English a lot.

A student said that she had never thought of becoming an academics in architecture but now she is very impressed by her professors. She said she realized that there was such a choice.

Another student said that she planned to do a one-month internship before the project, but she realized that it is was not enough for the practice. She said she was planning to do an internship every summer. She even asked her father to talk to an architect’s friend for an internship after first session

A student said that he is happy to know that he has more job opportunities than he knew He also stated that it is not easy to find a job immediately but he would volunteer for the experiences.

One student said that she did not know about the part where the architect has to sell projects and she will try to improve her communication ability to present a project. Before my project, she said she knew only about drawing session, but now she knows she has to sell her project.

Another student said that he learned theory is important for creating a unique structure and he will study English very well to understand these theories.