In to do and where he is allowed to


In this novel the
main character, Holden Caulfield struggles socializing with others whether it
is his peers or a teacher. His immaturity and lack of social skills causes him
to feel like an outcast with the kids his age. This becomes an obstacle he has
to face because his behaviour makes it really hard to get a close bond with
anyone. I can relate to Caulfield in the sense that I get really anxious in big
crowds. Because of this I have missed out on many opportunities to talk to new
people and bond with them. Instead like Caulfield, I just rather stay to myself
and despite my best efforts still do not talk.


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Throughout the
first third of the book Holden Caulfield runs into many age issues. All his
life he is treated like a child by his family, then when he reaches the age of
sixteen everyone he knows begins to treat him that way. He runs into issues
with what he is allowed to do and where he is allowed to go simply because of
his age. This is a prime example of the discrimination that goes on today
regarding teenagers/ young adults.  There
is a big stigma when it comes to teenagers and that makes it hard for many
teens to identify themselves in society due to the confusion of how they feel
about their age. They are treated like children by adult’s whether they are
close or far to the teens age. For example when