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    In his time Julius Caesar was the most powerful man in the world. He ruled Rome and controlled the Roman Empire, one of the biggest  empires that ever existed. He was a dictator and a general, best known for his romance with Cleopatra and his infamous assassination.  This essay will discuss Caesar’s early life, story with Cleopatra, and events leading up to his death.     Julius Caesar was born July 13, 100 BC, in Rome, Italy. His full name is Gaius Julius Caesar. He was born into a royal family. He started school at the age of six. He was taught by Marcus Antonius Gnipho, a tutor(Source 1). He learned to read, write, public speaking, and Roman law. He became head of the family at the age of 16 because his father passed away. He married the daughter of a powerful politician, Cornelia, at the age of 17. After many years Caesar rose to power and became leader of Rome (Source 1).In about 48 BC, Caesar was in Egypt looking for one of his rivals. During that time, Cleopatra was facing her own problems. The pharaoh of Egypt was her father. After he passed away Cleopatra ruled with her brother, Ptolmey XIII, but Cleopatra wanted to rule alone. She met with Caesar who was enchanted by her beauty. After a long time a romantic relatonship was created.n 47 BC, Cleopatra defeated her brother with Caesar’s army. During the battle, Ptolmey died so Caesar made Ptolmey XIV, another brother, and Cleopatra rulers. Cleopatra gave birth to Ptolmey Caesar who was called Caesarion. When she visited Caesar in Italy, the Romans were enchanted by her.  Caesar made a palace for her and Caesarion. He also placed a statue of her in gold in a Roman temple (Source 2).People were afraid that Caesar might use his new found power in a bad way so forty roman senators, led by Brutus and Cassius conspired to assassinate Caesar. He was assassinated March 15, 44 BC. The location of the murder was The Theatre of Pompey, Rome. His death led to the civil war. The Roman Empire was caused by the end of the Roman Republic. The position of the emperor was held by Octavian, Caesar’s adopted child. The Liberators hated the Republic so much that by murdering Caesar they were able to end the Roman Republic (Source 3)    In conclusion,  Julius Caesar was a powerful man who fell in love with a Egyptian Queen who gave birth to a child, united egypt and rome, and was murdered by his peers. Unfortunately he suffered a tragic death. His story was so fascinating that it has gone down in history for many years.