In websites to benchmark against include the Trusted Pet

In this case,
competitor benchmarking creates an opportunity for the evaluation of some of
the products offered by other reputable competitors, thus leading to further
innovations to enhance the product. The primary objectives of competitive
benchmarking for this project include improving the performance and operability
of the product, gaining a competitive advantage over the product’s competitors,
and gaining more insight necessary for the evaluation of the product’s
performance efficiency (Broderick, Garry, & Beasley, 2010). Some of the
most reputable pet sitters’ websites to benchmark against include the Trusted
Pet Sitters site, the Travel the World Pet sitting site, and the Wide Open Pets
websites. These websites offer similar policies and points for travellers and
sitters (Strutner, 2017). As such, benchmarking against such websites helps
gain insight into the weaknesses and strengths of the similar services offered
thus creating room for enhancements and innovations. Some of the most effective
deliverables for the product are annotated screenshots and spreadsheet
checklists. These deliverables are suitable for the product in that they are
easy to use thus making the users’ work easier and provide ease of access of
the products and services offered to the users without long processes of searching
(Luojus, & Cavén-Pöysä, 2010).