INPUT When the data is entered it will check




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input design is the link between the information system and the user. It
comprises the developing specification and procedures for data preparation and
those steps are necessary to put transaction data in to a usable form for
processing can be achieved by inspecting the computer to read data from a
written or printed document or it can occur by having people keying the data
directly into the system. The design of input focuses on controlling the amount
of input required, controlling the errors, avoiding delay, avoiding extra steps
and keeping the process simple. The input is designed in such a way so that it
provides security and ease of use with retaining the privacy. Input Design
considered the following things:

Ø What
data should be given as input?

Ø  How the data should be
arranged or coded?

Ø  The dialog to guide the
operating personnel in providing input.

Ø Methods
for preparing input validations and steps to follow when error occur.




1. Input Design is
the process of converting a user-oriented description of the input into a
computer-based system. This design is important to avoid errors in the data
input process and show the correct direction to the management for getting
correct information from the computerized system.

2. When the data is
entered it will check for its validity. Thus the objective of input design is
to create an input layout that is easy to follow



quality output is one, which meets the requirements of the end user and
presents the information clearly. In any system results of processing are
communicated to the users and to other system through outputs. In output design
it is determined how the information is to be displaced for immediate need and
also the hard copy output. It is the most important and direct source
information to the user. Efficient and intelligent output design improves the
system’s relationship to help user decision-making.

output form of an information system should accomplish one or more of the
following objectives.

v Convey
information about past activities, current status or projections of the

v Future.

v Signal
important events, opportunities, problems, or warnings.

v Trigger
an action.

v Confirm
an action.