“Inside his reputation, which brought Mr. Hyde. Throughout the

“Inside each of us, there is the seed of both
good and evil. It’s a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one
cannot exist without the other.” Eric Burdon. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel where the
monster is able to feel human emotions, which allows him to be capable of being
good but the evil within the monster takes over. In The strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
demonstrates how good and evil are different but can intertwine together in an
individual. Dr. Jekyll demonstrates the good side, has been trying to hide the
darker side of him, Mr. Hyde. In the novel Frankenstein
by Mary Shelley, and The Strange Case
Of Dr.Jekyll And Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, they demonstrate how an
individual’s good within them can be overruled with one’s evil side, resulting
in many evil actions that lead to conflicts with society and themselves.

Both authors create the characters to both
have a struggle with themselves, and whether evil or good takes over that
individual. Dr. Jekyll craved to find the unknown of irregulatories. He is
committed to find a way to experience his identity, good vs. evil, without
hurting his reputation, which brought Mr. Hyde. Throughout the novel, Mr.Hyde
was overruling Dr.Jekyll, and it became a struggle for Dr.jekyll to maintain
Mr.Hyde. As the novel continued, Hyde’s evil becomes stronger. A conflict
between them occurs, as though Dr. Jekyll, a father to his son, wants to discipline
his son, but realizes that “both sides of him were in dead earnest; he was
no more himselff when I laid aside restraint and plunged in shame… the relief
of sorrow and suffering.”(10) which resulted into Dr.Jekyll desperately trying
to get rid of Hyde forever. Jekyll was confused and distraught since he
realized Mr.Hyde is now an intimate part of himself. Dr.. Jekyll commits
suicide in order to get rid of Hyde. This allows Hyde to become the dominant side,
and Dr.jekyll becomes the weaker side. In the novel Frankenstein, the creature educates himself based on the De Lacey
family. Their relationships were so full of love, the creature wished he was
apart of that family. After watching the cruelty of society and victor
abandoning him, the creature faces hude problems, which build up anger. His
kind side cannot bear to hurt an innocent but his desire for revenge on Victor is
strong. The creature struggles with his appearance, making him full of anger
and rage, and he says “acursed creator! Why did you form a monster so hideous
that even you turned from me in disgust… satan had his companions, fellow
devils, to admire and encourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred”(Shelley
146). The creature, realizes his creator is scared by his existence. He realizes
he is a human but his appearance on the outside is deformed. The anger that
built up, resulting in a trail of evil actions. In Frankenstein, and the
strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, both Dr. Jekyll and the creature had a
hard time accepting who they are. Dr.Jekyll’s evil side overpowered his good,
resulting himself to commit suicide. The creature had a hard time accepting his
is not wanted by society, therefor he wants to get back at Victor, his creator.
After both characters letting their evil control them, the make conflicts with

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In both these novels, the characters encounter
many conflicts with another individual, which then lead to evil overpowering
good. As the
novel progresses, Hyde’s evil becomes stronger. He attacks Sir Danvers Carew to
death for no reason other than Sir Danvers was a good and kindly man. Mr. Hyde
murders Sir Danvers Carew in an evil fit of  his rage 
“and next moment, with ape-like fury, he was trampling his victim under
foot… and the body jumped upon the roadway”(Stevenson, 22). From this action
Mr. Hyde committed, it reveals the depravity of Mr.Hyde, that an innocent man
can be killed to show his dominance of evil over good. In the novel Frankenstein, victor refuses to make a second
creature for the monster, resulting in the creature trying to get revenge on
victor throughout the whole novel The creature is full of anger about his
creator and talks about how victor is a ” cursed. cursed creator! Why did I
live… my feelings were those of rage and revenge”(chapter16). The creature’s
rage and anger built up after victor abandoned him therefore he became an evil,
rage built character. The creature’s ultimate goal is to make victor feel a
great deal of pain. Their lack of friendship, is why there is a downfall of
events. Frankenstein and the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde both
represented how not only can they have problems with themselves, but after the
anger that builds up, they take their evil out on other individuals. They also
experience a hard time with a whole group, or a society.

Both authors incorporate Dr,. Jekyll and the
creature to have conflicts with society, and demonstrate how the evil that took
over, they cannot control. Dr. Jekyll’s unethical experiments led him to risk
his relation with Dr. Lanyon. Also,  Jekyll’s dangerous unethical experiments put
him at a difficult position with the entire community. These experiments, once
he changes into Hyde, also put him at odds with the society, must never know
that he is going against the reputation to discover his other side. Dr. Jekyll
got so deep into his experiments so “he hesitated long before he put this
theory to the test of practice. He knew well that he risked death…But the
temptation of a discovery so singular and profound at last overcame the
suggestions of alarm” (Shelley 10). Dr. Jekyll well knows the risks of using
himself as being tested with different experiments, but his desire to
dissociate good and evil proves to be too strong. After going too far with the
experiment, Mr.Hyde took over and Dr. Jekyll lost control. All the conflicts
that happened to individuals started with Dr.Jekyll and his experiments,
therefore society was very angry when they found out Hyde was created.. This
also resulted in Dr.Jekyll trying to kill himself to stop Mr. Hyde. In the
novel Frankenstein, the creature’s
problems were from society’s expectations. The creature is not accepted by
anyone and is unable to form friendships with others. Human society expects people
to look a certain way, and since he does not look the way they want, he does
not fit in. Even after the creature speaks with the old man in the house, the
DeLacey family still judges him by his appearance, and moves out of the he
house. In revenge, the creature wanted to “spread havoc and destruction
around him, and then to sit down and enjoy the ruin.”(        ). After finding the DeLacey’s cottage
empty, he realizes he has been abandoned yet again. The creature ends up
burning down the cottage in order to feel good, which resembles his evil. In
Frankenstein and the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, they both start
conflicts with society from their evil.

In conclusion, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis
Stevenson, clearly shown that many conflicts with society and themselves could
occur when an individual looses control of their good, and evil takes over.
These novels demonstrated how the protagonists struggle with balancing the evil
and good within them. Dr. Jekyll and the creature had a hard time controlling
themselves with good and evil. The creature and Dr. Jekyll realized the power
of evil, and it overruled both of them. Lastly, they both gone too far in their
evil actions, that it lead to society going against them. Good and evil can be
a constant struggle within an individual but makes us ponder if an individual
is born with evil, or formed into an evil character.