Instead footsteps. I was not attentive to architecture’s existence,

of architecture, biology was my major when I first attended college. I was
going to pursue my degree in medicine and follow my father’s footsteps. I was
not attentive to architecture’s existence, until the first year experience
program, and fundamentally got my path rerouted. I decided to pursue a degree
in architectural engineering. I was awed at how an architect can alter a
person’s interaction and perception of space through design. My journey is made of a series of milestones and
experiences allowing me to be a confident woman who wants to be in the
architecture world as an influencing professor.

curiosity and fascination with architecture, has awarded me with an asset for
me to master; being proficient in my research. My strive for uniqueness and
detail in my projects have allowed me to notice my strengths in research which
won me a place on the dean’s list three years in a row. Upon graduation, I worked
as a teaching and a research assistant; I preferred the variety, challenge and
social context of the academic platform. Moreover, I am currently pursuing a
diploma in Façade Engineering; allowing me to be exposed to different fractals
of architecture and various disciplines.

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drive to pursue a higher education is based on my intellectual interest gaining
specialized knowledge about Sustainable
Architecture and the Built Environment within the context. With a desire to explore how science and technology can be used
to improve the performance of buildings both socially and environmentally.

Henceforth, I chose this program due to its unique
nature of addressing environmental design, operation and management. Studies in
that field are very low in developing countries, such as mine, along with Urban
sustainability and microclimates. Environmental quality and Energy in buildings
modules assist on focusing on healthy living and reduce the environmental
impact of construction. I am keen on acquiring specialized
knowledge, conduct research, and promote these issues into my country. Consequently,
it will enable me to compose a valid dissertation about my chosen topic of
research, which will qualify me to carry on my research as a PhD candidate.

While pursuing my PhD, knowledge gained from
my academic experience will unravel environmental challenges in the Egyptian
fabric in a scientific, analytical and creative method. I aim to be involved with
the Institute of Environmental Analytics (IEA); Innovating for UN Sustainable
Development Goals and Resilient Cities and Smart Urban Growth, examples of the nature
of projects I wish to be part of the team that lead and work within such pioneering
projects and solutions for the ever demanding environment.

Thus, I believe that your program would endow
me with the desirable knowledge, skills and practice, to pursue a PhD in
this topic, because I believe that the future of the built environment will
require us to be environmentally respectful of the climate, urban and landscape
context. In the near
future, I look forward to collaborate with institutions that develop approaches
on built environment sustainability and its impact on the environment.