Introduction a drought this can be very bad because


  Bermuda is a free
island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has 7 major islands and is close
to Cape Hatteras in America. The islands are Somerset, St. Georges, St. Davids,
Boaz, and the main island the largest part. Also where the country capital is
located Hamilton. The size of the country is about 24 miles long and is about 1
mile in width. The main islands are in the shape of a fishook and are connected
by bridges.

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  The climate in
Bermuda is mild and humid. August is the warmest month, the normal daytime high
is 86 degrees. Also Febuary would be the coldest month for this country with a
nighttime low of 57 degrees. The amount of annual precipitation of 57 inches,
if there is a drought this can be very bad because the supply of drinking water
depends on rainfall. All of the vegetation is subtropical, some of these plants
include hibiscus, easter lilies, and oleander. The islands wildlife is mostly
lizards and frogs but migratory birds visit from time to time.

  Bermuda is composed
of coral islands that are 200 feet thick of marine limestone. That caps a
secretly submerged volcanic mountain range that is extinct. The islands are
clustered by coral reefs and have no rivers or lakes.



  In 1511 there was an
island called “Bermudas” that was on a map in Spain. There was a navigator
named Fernadez de Oveideo who sailed close to the islands and helped discover
this with the help of his countryman Juan Bermudez. Although the islands were
unhabited because they were so small. In 1609 the English Company who recently
established and settled Jamestown permanently settled Bermuda after a

  Bermuda also is the
oldest self-governing british overseas territory. Bermuda has a parliamentary
representative democratic dependency. The head of government is the premier and
there is a multiparty system. During the American Civil War Bermuda was a
staging area for smuggling rum into the United states during prohibition.
Bermuda is also known for having slaves back in the 1600’s. The first blacks to
come to Bermuda were people from the West Indies. At the end of the 18th
century whites were the main race on the island, blacks and indians were small
minorities. Although today 60 percent of Bermudians are of African or European
decent. Slavery was abolished in 1834 and all slaves were freed in Bermuda.