Introduction: [CE 3.1] In this career episode I’m mentioning


CE 3.1 In this
career episode I’m mentioning the project which I completed during my Bachelors
of Technology in Electronics and communication Engineering stream. This is the
final year project in fourth year second semester. The project span was of 3
months that is from January 2011 to March 2011. This project was an industrial
project and completed by the great support from the recognized industry DLRL also
known as Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, India. Defence
Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL) was recognized in 1961 under the government
organization Defence Research and Development Organization. Defence Electronics
Research Laboratory works in regards to designing and manufacturing the
Electronic systems which are used for warfare and develops these devices for
Telecommunication and RADAR signal frequency levels. DLRL has many well-known
scientists and engineers as manpower. The Industry is supported by highly
engineered hardware and software designing and development services. I was a student
member selected from my college for the project called “Infra-Red Light Dimmer”.

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3.2 The project was part of studies and was accomplished under the supervision
of an internal guide Mr P. Ramesh, Assistant Professor, Department of
Electronics and Communication, JNTU. The purpose of the project is to design
and develop a system called “IR light Dimmer”.

device we develop controls light using an IR remote device. Nowadays most of
the appliances are controlled using remote control device, people needs remote
control for smooth operation and for better convenience and efficiency. A remote
control has many operations on the device such as ON/OFF and many other for the
ease of use. Light dimmer adjusts the voltage of the lamp. Previous Light
dimmers consists of resistors and variable transformers. Those methods are big,
expensive and had poor efficiency. They were hard to control from remote location.

project was undertaken to utilize the opportunity to integrate theoretical
skills into practical learning using subject information of Analog communication,
Control Systems and Embedded Systems. Saving energy is very important but many
electronic devices consumes much energy. My aim in this was that it would be
better if can save energy by dimming the light of the remote control lamp. As a
part of the project team, I demonstrated my skills of critical thinking,
problem solving ability and professional experience of engineering practices.

 Following are the characteristics and efforts
in project planning that are required for a team to accomplish this engineering
project at the Bachelor of Electronics Level:

of Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
program language for ZILOG Z8Encore and PIC16F628
configurations and specification
of performance and Structural reporting.
of Print circuit boards.
on the software Protel99.