Introduction defining key objectives and creating strategic decisions in


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1.1 Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achieve strategic goals  


Life may be a personal expedition defines by skills and abilities to perform certain responsibilities. The necessity to judge has relevancy to any skilled, high ability doctors, scientist,  the labourers everybody needs to notice ways in which to try.

Carrying out conferences is a fundamental actions of defining key objectives and creating strategic decisions in a company. The manager must have particular capacity to run the conferences and making presentation. The presentation ought to have cover all necessities and not be too long and boring. Therefore the organizational success is depending on the success of the meeting (Hersey, and Blanchard 1977).


Time Management .

Manktelow (2006) writes that the place to begin for effective time management is to line priorities.  Setting my goals help me detect and target on my priorities that help me assess what needs to be done first. By doing this, I will do things simply and use time effectively.

Susan Ward (2011) has stated five (5) time management techniques which I have practiced.  These are:

1.                   Recognize you can’t do it all:  I decide what roles and activities are vital.  The necessary factor is, I am happy and healthy the manner I am using my time. I don’t compel myself into doing things I don’t prefer to please other individual.

2.                   Prioritize:  I arrange things and review my list of what to do on a specific day and what things that must be done.  I provide attention on the foremost important activity.

3.                   Learn to say “Yes” and “No”: When I am ask to commit one thing, I would state “no” in the event that I truly can’t and “yes” if it’s similarly critical to me.

4.                   Unplug:  There are times when it’s imperative or valuable not to “be associated” constantly. Perceive what circumstance must be given consideration and dismiss things that have all the earmarks of being aggravation.

5.                   Take time off: Weekend is my personal and family day. I need to be with my family, I set time for them.


Good time management helps me regulate my time and life.  I have kept up a stable work and personal activities; overflow is not a good thing.  This gave me adaptability in managing challenges in life and react to new openings.


Stress Management

As indicated by Lazarus and Folkman (1984) stress is an outcome of the disproportion between demands and resources or when pressure surpasses one’s capacity to adapt.  Stress management was developed on the idea that stress is not the result of a stressor but rather on one’s capability to cope and the capacity to react to it.

As far as I can tell, I have figured out how to confront harming challenges at home and at work. When I am anxious I think about a few exercises to help discharge the pressure.  I exercise regularly.  Regular physical activity is very effective in fighting stress. I just pick  a specific activity that garbs my personality else it will simply add to the overwhelming load of emotional burden. I find some activities like running, cycling and fitness class at my gym gratifying.  My other method of fighting stress and anxiety is to be in the company with cheerful individuals.































1.2 Apply and evaluate techniques to assess the professional skills required to support the strategic direction

Coaching Skills

It is the responsibility of the human resource department to create a prepared and motivated employees in the organization.  Employees’ knowledge and skills must be incessantly improved to perform efficiently to achieve personal and organizational objectives.


The Customs Department forms part of the Mauritius Revenue Authority, a government owned and controlled organisation.  The Authority is a revenue collector for the government and also acts as a safe guard for border protection and control. Counselling and mentoring are mostly conducted on the job.

Having worked at the Mauritius Revenue Authority and having 18 years of service as a Customs Officer, I have observed how successfully coaching can produce a better employee, so as he or she has the ability to communicate with people well with good understanding . The team leader has successfully figured out how to apply the coaching cycle of Cooper (2008), in their endeavor to educate the staff with new aptitudes and learning as ways of motivating them to perform at their best.

The Coaching Cycle

The cycle begins with telling the employee of what, how and why a specific task needs to be done.  Indicating how a task should be done is discretionary, letting the employee the margin to implement it in his own style and convenience.  In order for the employees to be capable and assured to begin a new undertaking, they are given the chance to rehearse what has been learned through coaching.  The team leader then monitors and observes the performance of each employee and evaluate in what areas there be progressed.  After appraisal a productive feedback is encouraged.

As indicated by Armstrong, S. and Mitchell, B. (2008) workers need mentoring in two areas: (1) the ability they have to prevail in the activity and (2) the aptitudes they need to shape for an adequate career.

The skills they have to prevail in the activity are guided through ongoing preparation and development where the experience of the team leader is applied in one-on-one coaching.  The new trainee customs officers were closely monitored by their mentors who know the job they were doing and willing to take them by the hand then teach and lead them to a new defined skill for future career advancement. It stimulates enthusiasm and energy so that the employees keep moving forward towards their goals (Merlevede, P.E. and Bridoux,D.C, 2004).

Leadership Skills

In the compositions of Hersey and Blanchard (n.d.) a Participative Leader tries to include other individuals in the progression. The subject of how much impact others are given in this manner may fluctuate on the manager’s inclinations and convictions, and an entire range of support is conceivable.

The Section head at the Customs Department practiced diverse styles of leadership in their given ranges. The Section Head has been terribly productive in being slightly autocratic in his or her action as a result of he or she has the complete information of however a task or project is to be accomplished.  The Section Head listens to some suggestions   and even considered implementation of the suggestion if found to be beneficial for the project, the department and the organization as a whole. This gives staff the sensation of satisfaction when some responsibilities are placed in their care.  Shared leadership is like a partnership between the management and the staff for the needs of developing a motivated working environment.


Multi-tasking Skill

Multi-tasking is the capability of a person to perform more than one responsibilities all at the same time.  It is not only limited to the managers to do multi-tasking, but it is also performed by the people from all the ranks.  It is performing loads of tasks in a limited period of time.  To get better effects and output from an employee doing multi task, he should be organized and inclined to do the process, properly trained to carry out it, and he should love to do it. An encouraged man or woman can effectively accomplish and produce desirable output from masses of duties located on his shoulder.  Otherwise, assignment of multiple tasks to an individual who’s halfhearted to carry out it, will not provide adequate results.



The customs department implemented multi-tasking when the management decided to stream down the workforce with the coming into force of the Mauritius Revenue Authority in 2006. 

The employees had been given the option in the event that they desired to live or settle for early retirement.  Maximum of the older personnel opted to be paid off.  The roles they left have been allotted to the employees who stayed.  The Human resource section looks into the activity characteristic of each worker and disbursed these jobs to personnel having the same function.  In this situation, the employee did not find it difficult to carry out because of its similar skill they had to perform. It saved time and price and the employees have been influenced to work efficaciously due to the fact the team leaders themselves have been additionally acting the equal. The counseling and mentoring had been concentrated on the way to manipulate their time successfully and cope with stress.




2.1 Carry out a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements.

Personal skills audit

The personal skills audit allotted to enhance the personal and professional skills of the individual. The following diagram clearly explains the skills audit and how to improve the skills through learning.



Time Management


Provide time limit in a given task

Communication skills


essays, reports, minutes, letters, personal statements, posters and email writing



 talking in gatherings, in social events and talking in presentations to the conferences/ clubs/ societies and so on.



Listening and understanding body language of others

Working with others


Team up in a group in the organization participate in cluster activities.



taking suitable result with coping with unalike person, try to cope with different person



reply to the person who want more assistance



aptitude to arrange thing and tip others to an accurate route

Problem Solving


Attempt to come up new improvements and concepts in the time alloted


Organising & planning

carrying out work methodically



collects data and use to enhance explicit areas



Is aware and summarise the accumulated facts



proceeds accurate choices

Information technology

File,presentation,word processing,spreadsheets

Enhance data storage and retrieve data if needed ,power point presentation ,produce documents in word and spreadsheets

Application the number


compute customs duties and taxes without mistakes

Own learning & performance

Self awareness

Detect own weakness and strengths, learn from working experience, adapt to situation


The above statement skills can be classified using the subsequent rating scale. The rating can give plan regarding the career, if needed more coaching, or needed in depth awareness about the skills if needed. The ranks were,

°                     Highly proficient

°                     Fairly proficient

°                     Adequate

°                     Not very proficient

°                     Unskilled

The personal audit document is provided to head of other departments, pears, subordinates and anyone of the organisation to fill out and obtain the feedback. Thus the marks established in the audit document, can be used to comprehend the present position and my performance. Once the weaknesses are known steps must be taken to improve the performance, so as to enhance the organisation objectives.


2.2 Preferred learning style 

In order to achieve my goals, I have to reinforce my leadership skills.  I want to improve my perceptive, strategic and analytical potential and capacity to delegate and have an impact on, capacity to study from experiences and the capacity to construct technical skill. Likewise it is also a manner to become confident.

To resource me in accomplishing this, I had to adapt the Reflector Style of Learning, one of the learning styles identified by Honey and Mumford (2008).  This type of learning fits me the most.  To expand my knowledge aptitude, I acquire information, assessment and think carefully before making any choice.  I absorb more by looking at others, pay attention to their perspectives and reflecting their leadership techniques.

I had to follow this learning style suggested by Honey and Mumford below:

Observing people or teams on the job – Observing on what good leaders do and reflecting what I want to do to improve.Reviewing what has happened and considering what they have learned – This is learning through experience and mirror what is the following to progress.Creating analyses and reports – Appraise the observations made and do the things learned through observation to enhance develop skills.












3.1 Construct a personal development plan that meets leadership development requirements identified in the skills audit   


The personal development plan must have specific objectives. (SMART)

Specific- the achievements had been actually mounted in the plan

Measurable- the achievement were measured through diverse entries

Action oriented- definite the necessary actions

Realistic-the fulfillment have been successful to and under control

Timely- time was used adequately


Personal Development Plan

Learning and improvement need

How to back the organizational aims

Resources required to set off the needs

Date for achievement/ review

Time management

Completing the work on required dates

Use of diary and assist from friends, family and colleagues

Every day

Communication skills

verbal, nonverbal and written materials

Journals, newspapers, books, magazines and other reading materials and help from friends and family

Every day

Working with others

Successful group working in the company

Friends and colleagues

Every day

Problem Solving

Improvement of analytical abilities without difficulty and attain solutions for critical problems

Friends, colleagues

Every day

Own studying & performance

Improved personal and professional skills increase the performance of the company

Personal monitoring
Support from friends, colleagues, superior

Every day


Personal SWOT analysis


3.2 Monitoring and evaluation of the plan

·                     Evaluate the work due date, check what number of due dates were passed up and what number were done on time. Furthermore check whether past data and after implementation of data of the personal development plan.

·                     The workers connections, their states of mind towards others, towards to the senior employees if enhanced after the personal development plan.

·                     Evaluate the worth of the written materials. What number business discussions were fruitful after the change of verbal and nonverbal communication?

·                     The value of the decisions taken by the managers must be enriched through this, thus evaluation of quality of the decision making process is also one of the monitoring method of personal development plan.

·                     Evaluation of general performance of the organization is also a one way of monitoring the plan. 


3.3 Impact of own learning against the strategic goals     

In some cases the own learning may not be pertinent to the circumstance. That implies the own learning was done in an inappropriate manner. Along these lines the own learning had an undesirable effect on the achievement of strategic goals (Griffin, 2011)


Then again the own learning is the method of understanding the entire process very clearly and plainly recognize identify the learning issues, conditions and implications. The own learning will create more know-how and be able to gather vast knowledge about the particular learning materials. Clear identification of the strategic goals, its limitations and so on.

















Extract from Pedler M, Burgoyne J and Boydell T – A Manager’s Guide to Self Development (P.7)

The conclusion of the above is that there is a need to consider what you need to accomplish at home and at work, and furthermore about you appreciate doing and need to invest energy in. These inquiries are difficult to reply, however they are critical and require time spent on them.

When you know where you are going it is then in any event conceivable to set time aside and ensure you show signs of improvement at accomplishing and getting it done.