Introduction! Hazrat Khawaja Owais (may Allah be pleased with


Statement of the Problem

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The scholars and scholars of the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) are considered to be the successors
of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), the blessings of
Allah and the Holy Prophet. The people of this world follow the visible and
inner teachings of the Holy Prophet, and came to know the truth of the Most

The words of Olia Allah are the position
of a lord of the army of Allah.

I would like to know about Sultan Al-Tarkain
Hazrat Khawaja Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani Rehman-Allah, your leader Hazrat Khawaja
Abdul Khaleq Rehmanullah and the inventor of Hazrat Khawaja Owais (may Allah be
pleased with him) ) As well as laughed the ideas and intentions of those
gentlemen in the regulation order.

Hazrat Khawaj Mohkam Din Serani (R.A) was
born on 1137 Hijri -1716 (Islamic Calendar) 
& his real name was Mohammad Abdullah but later on changed his name,
known as Mohkam Din Sirani (R.A).

In his early age he had a great interest
in religion. After completion of his religious education at the age of 12, and
then moved to Dehli. With his cousin Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Khaliq (he was Murshid
of Sirani Sahab.)

Serani was his Lakab (Title).  

Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Khaleq, my
grandfather, Rahmatullah, said, “My descendants will be identified by the
name of Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani. Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Khaleq Rahmanullah (peace be upon him) gave
the pilgrimage to Al-Ma’mah (may Allaah be pleased with him) and was pleased
with him. Those who made their own hands prostrate themselves with their
charity and gave their color in color. That is why you are
linked to chain Owaisia.  Sultan al-Baqarin Sira ni Raja, with the mercy of Allah Almighty, the
Prophet (swt).

When Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam Ud Din Sirani do
chile on the tomb of Hazrat Dewan-e-Chawala Mashiakh R.A., then during chile
mostly here the voice of ?? ??? ?? ?????  . (?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???)
You did not stay anywhere more than one night. You gave adopt popularity the
title of Sahib us Sair, from the sepration of relaxed word. The spiritual
allegiance of your Peer o Murshad Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Khaliq R.A. was from
Hazrat Owais Qarni handed by Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani. In the way the chain
of Owaisia known by or write by owaisia. You are much more knowledge in tafseer
or fiqa or religious education. People came to you for adoption of religious
knowledge from far places. U have not married and did not children. Your
Murshad Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Khaliq R.A will be delivered by the name of Sahib
us Sair you descendent. By the time of your prayers, till to day the decedents
of  Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Khaliq R.A are
called by Sahib us Sair.   

Apart from Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sarani,
spiritual science was higher than the higher level, your knowledge of science
was very superior and when you came to know the wisdom of the person, it would
have been such a sea accident. Which is going on. A statue you will have to
live. You make a difference in other countries of the world that make a great
deal of preaching and religion for Islam. You are very successful in this
mission. Be aware of your preaching and grief. Enter your circle through your
allegiance on your right hand. The city center (state-center Rajasthan India)
kept the Hindus and idolaters on high places. If you passed through the middle
of the maze, from where you passed away, you came down from your homes to idol
and idols. It was surprised and surprised by this situation and a number of
prominent leaders became Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be
upon him) received the remembrance of his father-in-law, Ajaba and Mujahideen’s

Died caused by poison given in Dhoraji
(Kathiawar, India). Khalifa Abu Talib & Sheikh Nathu sent the news &
death. Hafiz Koki gave poison twice. But Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani drank it and said the time of death. But
when he gave the poison third time Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani drank it, and said now, it’s the time
and then poison started working and then he gave Rs. 10 to Hafiz Koki (Rs. 5
For Kafean and Rs. 5 to spend in the way of Allah) and died on 5th
Rabi-us-Sani 1197 Hijri (Islamic Calendar) 1176.

Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam Din Sirani Mazar
Sharif is in Dhorji, District Rajkot, Gujrat, India.

You can not live anywhere from night to
night. Due to the separation from this ultimately world. The spiritual
allegiance of your father Hazrat Khawaja Khawaja Abdul Khaleq Rehmanullah was
from Hazrat Owais Qarni, and he writes to you as a chain and chain.


Significance of the

Although lot of
material is available on religious and educational reforms of Khawaja Mohkam ud
Din Sirani but on specific topic of mine regarding this comparative study,
there is lake of research. So considering the importance of the study, there is
more need of research, this research will help the student and the researcher
in their work. Moreover findings of research would help the policy makers for
future decisions.  


The objectives of
research work are given below:

1.  To evaluate the
value and worth of reforms religious and educational in the sub continent.

2.  To offer insightful
quantities and qualitative work .

3.  Seeing these
thoughts, many of the great people entered into Islam.

4.  The scope of my
study is limited to the education and religious reforms of Khawaja Mohkam ud
Din Sirani in sub-continent. The major important words of the study reflect on the
role of Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani stabilizing the educational and religious
services in sub-continent.


Methodology and work

The purpose will be
study descriptive and explanatory plan of work & methodology applied.

1.  It will be a
historical research and I will try to make use of primary and secondary sources
on the subject to access the performance of educational and religious services
in sub-continent.

2.  The research is
based on religious.

3.  The information is
also derived from the interviews, videos.

4.  The facts & figures
are derived for the diaries, newspapers, magazines, literatures and books.

5.  I will also consult


Review of the

To satisfy the needs
of the research many books were consulted. Many writers penned down the live
sketch of Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani. Sahib us Sair by Mohammad Salah ud Din
Owaisi wrote a valuable book on the life of Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani. This book
provides the basic information above the life and works of Khawaja Mohkam ud
Din Sirani Talqeen Ludni by Capital Wahid Bukhsh Siyal (Translator) and gave
refrences by many related books on the life of Khawaja Mohkam ud Din Sirani. 

Purpose of scheme of


Chapter 1:

1.  Olia Bahawalpur

Chapter 2:

2.  Chain Owaisia

Chapter 3:

3.  The courtesy of the
Mohkam ud Din Sirani

Chapter 4:

4.  Religious & Educational
Reforms of  Mohkam ud Din Sirani

Chapter 5:







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Muhammad Salah-ud-Din 
Owaisi,?Buzurga -ne- Bahawalpur.