Introduction how the movement has quickly grown aided by


In 2013, Black lives matter (BLM) began as
a public grievance in response to the discharge of George Zimmerman, a
neighbourhood watch cop that shot the 17 year old Trayvon Martin. From there on
out it has spiraled into a social movement. In this paper I will analyze the
Ideaology of Black lives matter aswell as how it has managed to use new and
social media as a mobilizng force both online and offline.

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This analysis of the Black Lives Matter
movement (BLM) tries to clarify how a hash tag,  that was created by a few women online, has
mobilized the outrage of thousands of people. I will pay special attention to
how the movement has quickly grown aided by new and social media.


Black lives Matter started in 2013 with the
hashtag #blacklivesmatter on social media. The creator of this hashtag was
Patrice Cullors. She responded to the aquittal of george zimmerman and the
collective anger that spread among the black community that followed. The
hashtag was shared on a facebook post of Alicia Garza, where she voiced her
grief. These women gave a voice to the black community around the united states
by provinding them with an online media presence were they could support this
hashtag that quickly grew into a movement. Over time, more and more similiair
shootings to the one of trayvon martin started happening and the movement went
from online to offline; After the shooting in Ferguson, the african american
community of the united states massively took to he streets to protest and riot
under the hashtag #Ferguson. After the Charleston shooting, followers of Black
Lives Matter occupied a mall and later the expression ‘Black lives matter’ was implemented
by politicians (Day, 2015).


Now a days there are more than 30 chapters
of Black Lives matter and it has turned into a well known phrase both online
and offline. The movement has become official by creating a website and
chapters with “leaders”. On the website they clearly state their ideology which
shows they came a long way since the hashtag.




Lives Matter Ideology

The Black Lives Matter movement in its
entirity can be viewed as a “political actor”. The message and ideology the
black lives matter movement sets out to portray is stated on their website. The
most direct message seems to be the struggle for equality of black people in
regards to the rest of the polulation. From here on, one can easily draw a link
with the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s.