Introduction last one, people can save their time. For


In recent times, the
most important and necessary part of our life is communication. And
the most used type of communication is social media. Nowadays, electronic communication, like text
messages, email and social networking websites has enabled society to become
more connected. Related for this, we using social networks as Instagram, VK, Google+, Pinterest, You Tube
and so on. Everything has two sides: the good side and the bad side. Unfortunately,
we usually see only one of them. So, we have positive and negative sides of
social media, too. Moreover, we can say about effects of social networks on

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Main body

Social networking has lots of good points. First of all, we use social
media to communicate with other people, for example, friends, family, relatives
and so on. Anytime we can send text messages, pictures, videos and we can just
talk with other people. Social networking sites
allow people to communicate and remain in contact with friends as well as meet
new people. These sites allow people to find others with similar interests that
they can create a relationship with and get to know one another. Of course,
they can be joined or formed groups to meet people with similar interests and
views. In addition, people can find friends from another countries, too.
When they communicate with others, people can practice their language and know
about new country. Secondly, on social media we can learn new things, exchange ideas, get more useful information and advices, discuss educational topics. Thanks for social networks, we can find anything that we want. Thirdly, social networking does not just
benefit individuals, but it also benefits businesses as well. These sites allow
businesses to advertise and market services to a large audience and a profile
is free to set up (Gillin). A lot of companies have created profiles that
provide detailed information about the business to advertise in a low cost way
(Roberts, 2008). Businesses will gain more attention on social networks because
the business profile is available to for all users of the social network to
see. So, everyone can promote their own business and at the end get very good
results. And last one, people can save their time. For example, if we want to
send documents or letters, we will not go to this people or wait for mail.
Instead of this, we can send it by mail and get the answer very quick.


As I said,
social networks also have negative consequences, too. At first, in our life
will be less live communication. Because of social networks, people will use
them more than live communication. Social networks also replace real
communication. When we talk for a long time in social networks, we get used to
expressing our emotions through letters and smiles on the keyboard and forget
about facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and real emotions. And many
people just feel uncomfortable without a computer or phone at hand. After that,
people become addicted to social networks and they can’t live without them.
Secondly, social media affects negatively on our health. Basically, people ruin
their eyes. Thirdly, when people use social media, they waste their time to
unnecessary information. And at fifth, people can read unreliable information
or fake news.



To sum up, I think
that social media and communication technologies have more positive sides than
negative, because due to social networks we can communicate with long distance,
get more useful information for us and use it for everything. Negative sides we
can prevent and we can use social media only for the better sides.