Introduction minimum of ___years of relevant professional work experience

Introduction of helixWhat we offer – medium of exchange Helix is open only to professionals trained in Clinical and/or Counselling Psychology and other relevant courses recognized by country-specific educational boards along with a minimum of ___years of relevant professional work experience in providing professional therapy and counseling to mental health patients in Clinical Setups.Protection of informationWe at Helix are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal information provided on the portal.It will be our utmost/ topmost duty/ responsibility to protect your personal information which will also include information regarding your health, lifestyle and other matters discussed on the portal.We consider the information provided and collected on Helix to be your information. This information will not be shared or exposed as well as will never be sold to any third party. We protect your information from unauthorized access and disclosure.The contact information provided by you will be protected. The username that you use on the site, as well as other personal information that you will be asked to provide on the site, should be authentic and this information will be treated as confidential. However, in case of criminal activity or exposed risk to others, this information may be disclosed to relevant third parties. Under certain circumstances, if you wish to conceal your information you may do so but it will restrict your access to various group discussions and forums where other members may be presentAll Information posted or published on Helix will be a property of the website and members may not share, copy or transmit any information including their own information. The content posted may be deleted if it violates the rules and policies of Helix.CookiesCommunication through emails messages and transactionsMinors are not allowed to use the Services without parental consent and assistance.Changing of informationConsentYou consent to the collection and use of your personal information by helix which has been described in the policy. Any changes in the policy will be updated on this page.