INTRODUCTION near daily occurrence in America, but what happened


             “More than 13,000 people have died from gun
violence in the U.S. this year alone—far more than have perished due to
terrorism, drunken driving and HIV/AIDS” (Glum, 2017). This number is about 2.5
time the capacity of Elliot Hall of Music which is 6,005. “Mass shootings are a
near daily occurrence in America, but what happened in Las Vegas stands out: It
was the deadliest such incident in U.S. history, with more than 50 killed and
200 injured” (Haltiwanger, 2017). All these incredibly high numbers and
horrifying facts make the public can’t stop wondering what is wrong with the
society and what is the fundamental problem leading to gun violence in the
United States? Gun control in the U.S. is quite different from the laws in most
countries all over the world that not only do American citizens possess guns
legally, but also are allowed to transfer or sale. The issue of gun violence
has been taken seriously because gun as a weapon can threaten people’s safety
for life and property directly.

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From my perspective, I
believe that the fundamental essence of the gun violence
in the United States is that the government is not able to make American
citizens feel safe completely. Therefore, in this paper, I am going to talk
about the background of gun law in the United States, two major causes of the
gun violence, and some possible solutions to address the issue.



There has always been a debate about gun control in the
United States. The second amendment recognizes gun ownership as a
constitutional right and Americans cannot be denied the privilege to own a gun.
This amendment states “A well-regulated militia, being the best security of a
free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be
infringed” (Goldschein, 2010). People own guns because they perceive that they
get minimal protection from the government. However, the gun is not being used
for its intended purpose.

In fact, more regularly teenagers and youthful grown-ups
are occupied with gun violence. This situation is tragic and sad. All these and
other violence attempts have largely influenced the disputes about gun control.
It is shown that gun violence occurrences include suicides with guns and
burglaries conferred with guns. Furthermore, it should be noted that ending gun
violence does not come so easily. Gun regulation policies only restrict type,
number, and manner in which the weapon can be handled in everyday life. It does
not regulate gun markets. Firms manufacturing guns are taking advantages of
loophole and weakness in gun control policies to sell more guns. Some guns are
slipped into the U.S. through black markets, and they end up in the hands of
wrong people.

Major Causes

The first cause is related to the mental state of gun
owners. When the shooting occurs every time, speculation will arise as to why
gun violence is increasingly becoming common in the United States. Most of the
reasons that are advanced far from the truth. It should be noted that gun
ownership is a constitutional right. Laws have been passed to regulate gun use,
however, implementing the laws is another thing. In most cases, people are
required to use their common sense and regulate themselves (Appelbaum, 2013).
It will be very difficult for people to control themselves given the fact that
some of them as stressed, lunatic or even addicted to drugs. Indeed, even
individuals with the abnormal mental state can purchase a gun. The truth is,
with what number of guns are bought and sold in America, the government has not
put sufficient effort to guarantee that every one of these individuals is reliable
owners. Gun, which could directly decide one’s life, should not be allowed to
have any mistake. While gun violence will never be totally dispensed with, it
is conceivable to constrain and lessen them.

Fundamentally, the reason for gun violence and uncontrolled
circulation of guns the country over is the issue of American government. There
has been neglect in legislator’s endeavors to define laws, which would cover
gun possession and distribution. For example, the second amendment legitimizes
gun ownership by veterans even when they are in a social gathering.
Psychological sickness is another issue that, for unambiguous reasons, can most
certainly help a gun violence shooting, however, which is substantially harder
to talk about from a summed-up point of view (Appelbaum, 2013). There are
extensive varieties of dysfunctional behaviors, which all influence a man in an
unexpected way. Uneasiness can prompt feelings of fear of the uncertainty or
that the world is against you, as can certain identity issue and maniacal
issue. Disposition and nervousness issue can provoke sentiments of misery and feeling
just as one is frail to change what is not right with a man’s life. Also, a
side effect not a confusion can prompt an absence of control and impede
thinking around an occasion or activity.

The second cause comes from the different cultural
background existing in American society. Religious activities, as well as
affiliations, is playing a role in the course of leading to gun violence in the
United States. In most cases, the person who usually commits the violent acts
of killing themselves together with other people is usually Muslim hardliners.
There is a deep hatred between the Muslim community and the American society to
a large extent. This situation was caused by various past issues that were not
handled properly. Consequently, the Muslim extremists or hardliners are using
guns to inflict as much pain as possible to the Americans due to the historical
differences that they have.

The present gun violence in America comes in cycles. Whenever
these kinds of gun violence happen, people would then feel more insecure and
nervous about the current situation. More importantly, they believe that the government
cannot provide citizens a safe homeland. Some people would, therefore, choose
to utilize the legal ways in Constitution, such as purchasing a gun, to protect
themselves and their families. While people are complaining or hate the gun
violence, the number of gun purchase is increasing because they are educated by
the physical injuries or trauma that arming themselves is the only way.
Therefore, a vicious cycle of gun violence is formed. 

Possible Solutions

            In this paper, I would like to
propose three possible methods to address the issue of gun violence to the
administration because the government plays the most critical role in protecting
people’s safety for life and property. Despite the fact that the comprehensive
gun control policy is temporarily unrealistic, the government could still do
something to prevent the spread of gun violence. There are various ways that
the government could use to prevent the spread of gun violence and the first
one is for the legislative bodies to come up with laws that would regulate the
ownership and use of guns in the United States.

First, the government
should illegalize the purchase of high-tech guns. With the development of
technology, researchers have invented various types of guns which can cross the
previous restrictions or barriers. Therefore, if individuals who have the
intention to hurt other people with these high-tech guns, they have a tendency
of leading to massive casualties as the government’s hands would be tied.

The next solution is that
the federal government should have a comprehensive ban on carrying firearms in
the open, though different states have different policies. Prohibiting open carry
of arms could offer people more sense of safety when going out. Also, if
somebody is carrying a gun in public, he or she would be noticed easily, and
the law enforcement officers can respond to the issue as soon as they can.

Concerning the issue of religion,
the American society ought to start having a dialogue with the Muslim community
where the various historical differences between being sought as soon as
possible. A society of inclusiveness and non-discrimination should be formed to
avoid hatred between the two nations that could lead to more killings. Moreover,
there should be various campaigns around the nation that aim at educating the
people on the importance of unity and oneness. All the people should be made to
feel like they are part and parcel of the society and no one is discriminated
or hated upon based on any of the grounds of discrimination.


            The issue of gun violence in the
United States cannot be ignored. While thousands of people are gone because of
guns, thousands of families are broken, too. Although many people are appealing
for gun control, the problem cannot be addressed easily due to the historical
background of the United States and the vicious cycle of gun violence. However,
the government could play a great role in leading addressing this problem.

Recent statistics about
gun reveals the startling fact. Every other time, a mass shooting occurs, the
number of people who dies keep on increasing. The Orlando shooting is the most
outrageous one. This incident alone claimed 49 lives with over people others
receiving injuries (Stray, 2017). Careful consideration of this issue reveals
that this issue has been going on for a long time. For example, the death of
Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and James Garfield, and John Kennedy are
because of gun violence. Therefore, it is affecting all people alike. The
government need pass laws and implement it.