Introduction of chemical and mineral admixture. latest research suggest


This investigation aim to examine
the performance and alteration in fresh and hardened properties of high
strength interlocking concrete pavement block of M60 grade by using mineral admixture,
Over the years , the application of high strength concrete has taken its due
place in Indian construction scenario. The application of high strength
concrete is found to be common in many different countries. High strength
concrete ranging from 40 MPA to 80 MPA has been used in India for various different
heavy structures. The most important aspect of high strength concrete is mix
design. According to IS the mix design is defined as “the process of selecting suitable
ingredient of concrete and determining their relative proportion with the
objects of producing concrete of certain minimum strength and durability as
economical as possible. The capital aim of mix design is to accomplish the
minimum stipulated, minimum strength and durability of concrete in most economical
manner. For proportioning in connection with a concrete mixes the four major
factor are 1. Water cement ratio 2. Cement content 3. Gradation of aggregate
4.consistency, with the advent of special additive, it has been feasible to
produce the concrete of higher strength as compared to normal one. These
special additives may be in the forms of chemical and mineral admixture. latest
research suggest that there is a worldwide trend to investigate the practical
and serviceable implementation of processed and unprocessed municipal or
industrial product or by product as raw or additive  ingredient in concrete. The object of such
investigation is to fold. The first objective is to conserve the environment from
the ill effect of such waste by reusing it in another form. The second objective
is reducing the cost of concrete by replacing waste material with original material
or substituting the waste material as an additives, this will also help in reducing
the cost of treatment and disposal of waste many of non recyclable waste can be
used as mineral additive and admixture which can improve the fresh and hardened
property of concrete. Latest survey report that more than 55% of used engine oil
is thrown away by users in the environment without any treatment. The UEO is a lubricant
which function is those separate the different part of machine and reduce thefriction.ICPBtechniquesisxtensvelyusedinheavytrafficandveryheavytrafficareasin
many part of worlds. Now a day in India there is a trend of using high strength
ICPB in highway pavement where other method of construction is not feasible.

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