Introduction stability for the football legend all thanks to

Introduction Planned to outfit the world’s best athletes, Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII was constructed with a decent fit, feeling, and balance. It was totally modified to provide a pleasant upper that secures the foot and envisage frivolous improvement to its interior. Nike assaults the shoe to another level of compensation. The shoe is re-designed by a more forthright and moderate foot raise region, opening up both fit and ease in order to fulfill the requirements of what kind of boot an athlete should wear.The movement spreads out in the film with Rafa Nadal anxiously practicing his serve, when the calm ambiance is obstructed by the thunder of an amusements auto engine. Cristiano Ronaldo shows up with a full-geared tennis costume and strolls on the court to welcome his partner who tends to Ronaldo’s choice of footwear for a session of tennis, another join of a pair of  Mercurial Vapor VIII shoe. As time goes on, we could observe both athletes serves and kicks up the net with a tennis ball, at first with an un-exact reason, by then things got offbeat. Nadal rumbles a serve overpass the court which was passed back by Ronaldo. The game is on. An expeditious success of volleys (in a point of view from the boot and racket) arise as the legends conduct a rapid rally of smooth traction and stability for the football legend all thanks to his Mercurial shoe.A football unexpectedly showed up as each player bounces and leaps to reestablish the tennis ball. Rafa catches a stroke to wear the Mercurial Vapor shoes, and the excitements and propensity from the two players turn up over the net. They both shaken hands at the net after an imperative round of foot tennis, Rafa ardently grasps the Mercurial Vapor he’s all around geared for the football session, much to the disappointment of his opponent, Ronaldo.The Targeted AudienceNike lays a number of strategies to target their immediate consumers athletes and other sportsmen.This strategy is specifically successful because of its ability to reach a large number of athletes. when a celebrity athlete sponsors a specific brand of athletic shoes, the brand will be associated with success. This psychological effect is reinforced with advertisements that affirm this position. This Nike advertisement is targeting all sports fans, but especially soccer players or family of soccer players. The advertisement is targeting young fans and players, male between the ages of 8 and 25 because they will be most impressed by seeing a world class soccer player beat somebody at their own game. The advertisement targets the males by having two world class athletes beat each other at their own games in an epic showdown. This advertisement shows the attractive color of shoes and targets the younger generation. Advertisement targets the audience who wanna feel the “Explosive Speed” in their game. And these particular athletes are widely known for their physically attractive nature.The slow motion, impressive stunts, and the whole idea of the competition captures the male’s attention. Both athletes are highly respected and admired by all fans of their respective sports.When the audience sees the athletes wearing the shoes, they will think that if they wear them then they will be a little bit more like Cristiano Ronaldo and Nadal. The audience sees the athletes doing amazing things in the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII, and will think that they will be able to do these things if they had a pair of the shoes. The Message This advertisement showcases two world class athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal having a showdown playing their sports against each other. Cristiano starts off wearing the product and in result completely smashes Rafael at tennis. This shows the superiority of the product; the shoes is what makes the difference between them. Afterwards, Rafael tries the product and succeeds against Ronaldo at football. It clearly shows that the shoes can make anyone, even a beginner at football win against a professional, a world class athlete such as Cristiano Ronaldo. The message is that the product, the Mercurial Vapor V, can change everybody for the better and improve their ball game. It was not shown through speech but shown through actions.Advertising ObjectivesCognitiveThis advertisement shows us the attributes and benefits of the product. The fact that the shoes are the perfect pair of shoes anyone plays the respective sports. It proves and selectively entices the audience to want the product by painting over their beliefs of what football shoes should be to what they could be, what Nike shows them to be.  They also use hyperbole to further enhance what the shoes are and strongly enforce the image of them onto the audience. Transformation This advertisement creates a specific sports imagery to the targeted audience which Nike can convey or promote a new and creative brand image, as well as by linking the value of their new product. They are refreshing audience’s impression of their brand to prove their products are designed and updated as the trendiest and fit the audience’s requirements. Furthermore, Nike is evincing the understandings and experience of product performance as they would like to inform the audience that Nike care about their customer by observing and reacting to customer’s choices, opinions and views through delivering straightforward information, as far as providing detailed message such as showing the ability to perform well of wearing the shoes by this advertisement. As a result, Nike is building a strong emotional bond with their targeted audience by fulfilling the audience’s expectations.Competitive AdvantageExecution StrategyNike uses a straight sell and factual message as an execution method to their advertisement by showing the scenes of professional sports players are wearing the shoes while playing football and this delivers a message that Nike is promoting and selling this product specifically to the targeted audience who loves to play football, especially the ones who are passionate about it. This advertisement relies on straightforward presentation of information concerning the product as the targeted audience will be attracted and having the interest to purchase by watching the advertisement. Moreover, the focus of the message is the product and its attributes which shows the ability to play the skills and having a good performance by wearing the shoes. Nike is creating interests to the targeted audience who would love to perform as good as the professional sports players. It is a basic type of creative executions that it uses rational appeal which Nike uses two world class athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal as their spokesperson that they gain trusts to the targeted audience so that footballers are keen to buy the shoes which they think it would be a good product which has been worn by world class athletes. Simultaneously, they are showing the effects or differences of wearing the shoes in a comparative way which is the easiest way to provide information and understandings of their new product to the targeted audience.