Introduction the Data Protection Act. This means that it





I have
been researching the topic of legislation and the role it plays in Gascon
Games. In this Essay, I have researched three pieces of legislation, which
includes the Data Protection Act, the Computer Misuse Act and the Equality Act.
In this essay I will talk about the key features of each of these pieces of
legislation and their relevance to Gascon Games in relation to the job role
which I have chosen. This will be discussed with the use of references as a
definition of each of the three pieces of legislation which I have chosen.

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Lead Programmer


The lead programmer works from start
to finish on the development and management of a game, while directing the
team so they are on schedule and within budget.



Computing Legislation 1:

Protection Act


2013), “The Data
Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by organisations,
businesses or the government.”

Key Features

ensures that everyone who uses data is responsible for said data. This means
that anyone who uses data must adhere to the data protection principles,
which include fair and lawful use of data and that data is kept safe, secure,
accurate, and, if needed, updated.
are 8 data protection principles, which employers must adhere to. As this
role will be doing the hiring, this role is responsible to stick to this act.


is relevant to Gascon Games because it means that all information about
employees and customers must be kept in accordance to the Data Protection
Act. This means that it must be kept secure, accurate, must not be kept for
longer than necessary and is used for its intended use.


Computing Legislation 2:

Misuse Act


(SQA, 2007) “The Act makes it an offence to access any computer to which you do
not have an authorised right to use.”

Key Features

piece of legislation makes it illegal to gain unauthorised access to a
computer as well as its material, as well as access with an intention to
commit a further offence. This act also covers modification of computer
materials without the consent / authorisation of the user.


is relevant to Gascon Games because this means that, as a lead programmer you
are responsible for the team. You must ensure that the code done by the team
adheres to the computer misuse act, meaning, it can’t contain a virus or any
other malicious piece of code, for this would be in breach of the Computer
Misuse Act.



Non- Computing Legislation 1:



No Date), “The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people
from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.”

Key Features

piece of legislation ensures that all people are treated equally, regardless
of race, religion or gender. This means that any hiring done by the lead
programmer can’t be discriminatory. This means any and all hiring done cannot
be done based on these points. In addition to this, employees of the same job
cannot be discriminated in terms of pay, meaning one employee paid one amount
in a job, can’t have another in the same job being paid more – possibly


is relevant to Gascon Games because this affects hiring, meaning, employees
that have the same job in the company must be paid the same, regardless of
their race, religion, gender or others. If they aren’t, this may be a
violation of this act. This doesn’t affect the pay between employees which have
different jobs, because it should be expected for employees who have
different jobs to have different salaries.




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