INTRODUCTIONGenerally and various effects of that trauma. I review

INTRODUCTIONGenerally the purpose of literature review is to categorized and show the different types of childhood trauma and various effects of that trauma. I review area that are pretentious by trauma in childhood, physical effects, emotional and behaviour effects, social and societal  adjustment and cognitive  development. Trauma or post- traumatic  stress disorder (PTSD) in general known as stress events with the symptoms repeated unwilling and unhappily re-experiences. For example flashbacks, and memories related to or connected with the traumatic events one or more depiction helplessness can causing inner change.   “traumatic event, and symptoms include 1) recurrent involuntarily re-experiences (e.g.  nightmares;   flashbacks), 2) avoidance (e.g. of places, things or memories related to or associated with the traumatic event’, emotional numbing), and/or 3) heightened arousal (e.g. difficulty sleeping or concentrating; hyper vigilance)” ( Karin Grip,2012,p38)But trauma and PTSD can be healed. This curative factor is called resiliency and I also reviewed this factor and its process how to overcome.1st  I reviewed childhood trauma, its forms its affected area including ignoring, physical effects, emotional and behavior effects social and societal  adjustment and cognitive  development. Than in my review I address questions like how parents and caregiver caring for their traumatized children  and what are the causes of trauma levels of parents? And when parents make decision for traumatized children  required some exterior support and services? I also reviewed psychological counselling issues needs and educational performances, social and societal behaviours, psychological problems and some solutions and also I reviewed system support like family, spiritual and inner and self ruling and self directed support. These sections of literature review discuss different aspects of trauma in childhood.CHILDHOOD TRAUMA In childhood trauma when child experience and witness traumatic event it causes harmful effects on its psychological and physical and trauma respond differently in different persons.According to( Childhood Trauma and Its Effect on Healthy Development, 2012, p.2)”Trauma occurs when a child or youth experiences an intense events or that threatens or causes harm to his or her emotional and physical well-being. These experiences may range from extreme adverse events, such as war, accidents or natural disasters”CHILD IGNORECE ANG NEGLECTChild neglect is the most common topic to discuss but not mostly studied form of child ignorance and mistreatment. Child neglect is defined as physical, medical, educational, and emotional neglect (De Bellis, 2005, p. 151). Physical neglect results in childhood trauma, abuse, and maltreatment. Physical neglect is defined as “abandonment, lack of supervision, and failure to provide for a child’s basic needs of nutrition, clothing, hygiene, and safety” (p. 151). Educational neglect is defined as “permitted chronic truancy, failure to enroll a child in mandatory schooling, and inattention to a child’s special needs” (p. 151).EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIOURIAL TRUMA Childhood trauma effects has been recorded in both the short-term as well as long term like depression,  anxiety (includes fear, phobia, panic) and anger.( Briere and Jordan, 2009) also reported  that because of childhood ignorance and neglect generally occur at a comparatively in early period or age, , “adult survivors may experience sensitivity to rejection, abandonment issues, unstable or chaotic relationships, problems trusting others, and ambivalence regarding intimacy” (p. 377). Some abnormal behaviors consist of body abuse ,memories, disconnection with thoughts and feelings, self medications and its  out comes in disconnecting disorder as a results.Briere and Jordan (2009) argue TRB ( Tension Reduction Behaviors) exterior behaviors use in a effort to decrease depression pessimistic inner states  that are the outcomes of childhood trauma, usually during destruction for example obsessive sexual activities, indulge eating, unwanted feelings, un expressed anger or violence, suicidal and self destructive and self disfigurement.(p.378).TRUMA EFFECTS ON SOCITAL AND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTIn children normal cognitive developments could be implicit and understand  in set of development stages but in childhood trauma development of normal childhood and cause many different develop faults in cognitive development . literature explained that “low-self-esteem, self-blame, hopelessness, expectations of rejection or abandonment, and preoccupation with danger are just a few of the results of childhood trauma” (Briere & Jordan, 2009, p. 376).