IntroductionIt its customs and traditions, as the Syrians have

IntroductionIt has been 6 years since the Syrian civil war started, and during these years millions of people have been killed and forced to flee their country seeking refuge, due to the unsafe and dangerous living conditions in Syria. The population of Syria was forced to seek refuge in nearby countries such as Jordan. As a result, the Syrian refugee migration crises greatly affected the country of Jordan culturally, politically, and economically. Historical Context    The greatest push factor of the Syrian refugee crisis was the War, and another reason is that children were unable to receive education in Syria.The pull factors that caused the Syrians to migrate to Jordan were because of the jobs and opportunities that do not exist in Syria, and the cheap labor that helps refugees to get jobs. The number of people that migrated from Syria to Jordan was 1.4 million refugees. The Syrian refugees started to migrate from Syria to other nearby countries including Jordan In 2011.Body Paragraph    The Syrian refugee migration greatly affected Jordan negatively in its culture, politics, and economics. The Syrians introduced new rules to Jordan in its customs and traditions, as the Syrians have different taste in clothing, and also in riding motorcycles, which can break the certain rules in wearing and riding a motorcycle that Jordan has. This is a cultural effect because it shows that Syrians traditions and customs affect the Jordanian rules because the Syrian refugees added new taste in costumes. In addition, many Syrian women started to marry Jordanian men, which left many Jordanian women upset. It is also said that the Syrian women are marrying the Jordanian Men for their money and a better living condition. This is considered a cultural impact because it affects marriage culture and tradition in Jordan. The Jordanian government was forced to provide the extra Syrian citizens with health and education, which was costly and required a large budget. In addition, many of Jordanian schools got filled with extra students. This is a political effect because the government is the one who provides the needs for refugees.With a 1.4 million more people in Jordan, it needs to buy more energy that will cause it to pay more money to provide it for them. This is an economic impact because it makes the country pay more, which will impact Jordan economic growth.The negative impact that the Syrian refugees had on Jordan affected its culture, politics, and economics.   Conclusion    Therefore, the Syrian refugee migration crises greatly impacted the country of Jordan’s culture, politics, and economics. However, it is important to understand the suffering refugees go through while they try to find a safe place for them and their family. These refugees have no option rather than trying to relocate to a safe country. The effects of refugees on the host country will make the world more wise about the reasons that cause people to flee from their country seeking refuge, such as wars. This might push countries to try and solve these issues, as it is important to know the main causes of those big conflicts.