Introduction:Starting period”. Since the late 1990s, South Korea has

Introduction:Starting from the
late 20th century and the early 21st century,there is a growing fantastic
phenomenon that south Korean popular culture is becoming increasingly welcomed
in Asia.The whole Asia has been draped by the Korean popularity.So,my purpose
of writing the first part is to find in-depth factors why it’s so popular in
Asia?I am going to introduce what is the popular culture of south Korean
first.Then,analyse the actions of south Korean government(revolutions in
strategy).Last,the most important,connecting the cultural features with its
popularity.(explain its own reasons).Wish you have a deep recognition about the
popularity of Korean culture.


figure out what the south Korean popular culture exactly is?(or what kinds of
south Korean culture are widespread in Asia?)

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culture of a country is obviously diverse, so I choose the most typical to

aspect :Custom and etiquette

domain: Drama.


Secondly,We look back on the strategical

(what did government do?)

“Since the end of the cold war,governments
of South Korea have been committed to developing culture and gradually
established the principle of cultural neutrality. More specific:The first stage
was from 1948to the 1970s.This period can be called the “fetal life “of
Korean cultural policy.During that stage,South Korea is extremely poor, and the
majority of people are busy with their livelihoods, and cultural aspirations
are not strong.The second stage is the late 1990s to the present.This period is
the development period of the south Korean cultural policy and the
“self-discipline period”. Since the late 1990s, South Korea has begun
to recognize the economic value of culture. South Korea’s cultural policy was
no longer a simple protection of traditional culture and art, but pay attention
to how to improve people’s quality of life by culture.The government’s
understanding of the economic value of culture was further deepened after the
Asian financial crisis in 1997.In order to get out of the economic crisis as soon
as possible,strategy
for “Culture Orientated National Development”is proposed.Because the government
is constantly pushing and reforming.”1The vitality and motivation of Korean
culture are nutritional, leading the rapid and effective spread in Asia.



want to talk about etiquette.In South Korea,
etiquette, or the code of social behavior that governs human interactions, is
largely derived from Korean Confucianism and focuses on the core values of this
religion”.2 In addition to general behaviour, etiquette in South Korea also
determines how to behave with respect to social status.So,the reason why
Korea’s etiquette culture can be referred widely is that it is remarkable and
significant for the stability and orderly development of society.Asia countries
need to learn from Korean,publishing regulations to maintain the society
stable.Next,I will introduce what is etiquette briefly.

before booking.Entering the family or restaurant should change shoes .Visiting
South Korea’s family need to bring a gift and hand it to the host.Don’t liberty
to visit the master’s room.When meet each other,bow to 45 degrees.If younger
generation meet their elders,bow first,then stand aside.When the elders came
into the room,all people stand up to ask ages,etc.

a seat according to age. Start eating when elder starts.A dish which have not
moved by the elders cannot be moved by anyone. After dinner, you are not allow
to leave until the elder leaves.Put the finished stuffs to the original

are still too much etiquette I haven’t mentioned, but we need to know the
significance of obeying etiquette.Koreans believe that obeying the rules and
etiquette is a basic way to live.Stable and harmonious society will be built in
this way.

move on to drama.

features of Korean drama:

Precious moments -There
are many precious and impressed moments in K-dramas. Some are funny, some are
cute, the best are both. And it’s new to people who haven’t seen much Asian

It’s educational.Watching Korean dramas lets you absorb information about a
different culture without the hassle of dreary studying. You learn about
different societal norms by watching the day to day life of the characters.
Watch even one Korean drama and you will understand that shoes are taken off at
the door without anyone needing to tell you.3

– The
majority of K-Dramas are very clean compared to American movies and television.
Foul language is rare, violence is minimal.

categories and unique broadcasting- The Korean dramas have an unexpected plot,
combining creativity with art.The drama of south Korean dramas is diverse,with
romantic dramas,thrillers,sad movies, comedies, family dramas and motivational
dramas. This has created a market for Korean dramas,and it is suitable for all
classes.One episode will be published immediately when finish filming,unlike
other countries-broadcasting until the whole drama ends.


second question:How
has Korean cultural appeal impacted China?

Introduction:As China’s
neighbor,South Korean culture has had a great influence on China in recent
years. For example,Watch Korean dramas,wear Korean clothing,learn eating
habits,learn Korean etiquette,etc.We call this phenomenon “Korean
wave”. So how does the “Korean wave” affect China? Illustrating this
questions is the purpose of me writing the second part.I want to explain it
from two aspects:merits and drawbacks.Each coins has two sides,when we discuss
such topic,dialectical analysis is needed.

First,about merits.culture stimulates
tourism and students studying abroad. “The Chinese inbound tourists in 2013
have become the first nationality of visitors to South Korea, ahead of the Japanese,
and accounted for more than 35% of total visitors. The number of people going
to South Korea for study and tourism is increasing every year,In 2015, the
number of Chinese tourists to South Korea reached 6.11 million.More than 70
percent of the main tourists to South Korea are shopping, and about two percent
of Chinese tourists are to feel the Korean culture”.4The increase in the
number of tourists and students has made the two countries politically close.
The two countries have been discussing policies that would benefit their
citizens, such as the “exemption of some tuition fees for international
students” and “the simplification of visa”.In the cultural aspect,Chinese
government encourages students to study abroad, encouraging citizens to travel,so
that China can absorb Korea’s colorful culture.In life aspect,learning
etiquette and learn to obey social order,being a responsible citizen,learning
Korean dress collocation,knowing the drinking culture of Korean,watching Korean
dramas, listening to music in South Korea,etc.The Chinese society has made huge
progress,citizens’ quality have been improved and People’s spirit and
temperament has become better,the way they behave is changing .


Actually,bad influences
can be witnessed on teenagers.

An increasing number of teenagers are in a crazy state for chasing the Korean fashion.Because Korean dramas deliver too many fancy things to young people,clothing collocation,jewelry,behaviors,etc.Young people always belong to a group of people who are not really know right from wrong and low in self-control.They are easy go astray.What is more,many female fans are dramatically crazy about the handsome singers and actors.Most of them are insane.Network abuse,suicide and self-harm caused by a Korean singer or actor happens countless,which is terrible and dangerous to family and society.Meanwhile,it is adverse for traditional Chinese culture.If young generations are keep chasing the Korean fancy culture,Chinese traditional culture will be forgotten and abandoned.Abstract: The whole thesis is to solve two questionsFactors that contribute to the popularity of south Korean popular culture in Asia and how has Korean cultural appeal impacted China?As for the first question,my arguments:1?the popularity of south Korean must be supported by government,so I mentioned the revolutions of reform.2?The popularity can not leave itself,the culture has it own charm and magic,such as etiquette can pure and stabilize the society,making it harmonious.This is the most important part,connecting the popularity with culture features.Because,no matter how the government try,culture should full itself.As for the Second question,my argument is:pop culture from south Korean have advantages and disadvantages.How the good influences flow in?By mutual communication,visiting,exchanging students from both sides.Let more Chinese people know south Korean,so that the etiquette,dress collocation,eating habits,drama,music will spread into China naturally.How about disadvantage?Teenagers is attracted firmly by the Korean fashion,crazy and insane actions will occur.It’s harmful for families and society.Chinese traditional culture will suffer and face challenge.

conclusion,with the help of government,along with it own charm,culture of south
Korean is widely accepted by Asian countries,getting terrific
responds.Though,it has shortcomings,but the benefits outweigh the
disadvantages.We should acknowledge the gorgeous influences,but can not deny
the bad influence it brings.