Is age really just a number? This has been

Is age really just a number? This has been quite an argument nowadays of those who are for age gap, and those who are against it. Although there are many debate topics when it comes to the  discussion of age, the kind of age gap I will be talking about, however, is the age gap between relationships. Believe it or not, many people are against unusual age differences. As for me, I believe that age really is just a number when it comes to relationships.In my opinion, when it comes to dating, it depends on the level of maturity each party has or are willing to give. For example, perhaps you’re a 21 year old and the one that catches your eye happens to be 32. It may be a scary thing at first, but if you’re both able to look past age and opinions, the relationship just might work. The 32 year old may have seen more years in his life than, but that doesn’t necessarily make him wiser or that his experiences make him more mature than you. You can be a 13 year old and have the mindset of a 30 year old. It all depends if both of you are ready to accept your differences and work the relationship out.There’s a saying I know of that says, “The heart wants what it wants.” I think what it is saying is that we can’t always who we like. I think the real reason for the age gap problem is society. Every decision we make in this life is based on what society wants us to do, and one of the things society does is make it seem as if going out with someone with a completely different age gap is strange. That’s why when someone happens to be in the situation of liking someone past of below their age, they may feel that it’s wrong and it may be hard for the person to come out and admit their feelings due to the fear of being judged by society.  No matter the age difference, love should be allowed to work its special magic. It doesn’t matter what society wants to label you. If you’re both committed to each other and are willing to set aside age gaps, nothing else will matter.