Isabella she sees and learns as she grows up.

Isabella Orion Mrs. HerrickEnglish 2 Honors18 January 2018To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Option #2To Kill a Mockingbird is the winner of a Pulitzer Prize and a classic to modern day literature. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Maycomb and the people in it are a big influence on Scout. Scout, a young girl has an innocent mind, she tries to understand the world by taking examples from her daily life.  Maycomb is a racist town and is prejudice against its own people. Maycomb is full of people that can influence Scout. People  like Atticus and Miss Maudie want Scout to know what is really right and not follow Maycomb’s idea of correct. A child is influenced by the people around her; their personality is built up by what she sees and learns as she grows up. The town’s people are negative influences on Scout by being racist but by following what close friends and family tell her, she takes that to become a better person.In chapter 9, Cecil Jacobs disrespects Atticus by saying that he defends black people as if it a bad thing. Scout felt really angry but mostly confused. She asked her father, “Then why did Cecil say you defend niggers? He made it sound like you were runnin’ a still.”(9.100) Scout doesn’t understand why defending a black person was a bad thing because her father does not think the same as the town. Atticus told her that there was nothing wrong with defending a black person. He felt that everyone should be treated equally  no matter what skin color they were, he believed that it was the right thing to do and that he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t take the case. “I couldn’t tell you or Jem not to do something because I could never ask you to mind me again,” said Atticus. (9.76) When Scout asks if Atticus was going to win the case, he said no. Maycomb does not care if you are innocent or not and if you were black and accused of a crime you have no right to say anything on your part. Although Atticus knows he is going to lose the case, he still fights as if there is a small chance of winning, he will take any case if you’re black or white. Scout understands what Atticus is doing the right and is frustrated that everyone is against her father.Atticus is a man who finishes something he starts. In the beginning of chapter 10, Scout thought her father was old and boring. Later in the chapter, Calpurnia sees a mad dog and everyone is afraid. Atticus is the first to act. They are astonished when they find out that Atticus is really good at shooting. He kills the mad dog with one shot between the eyes. Miss Maudie says, “Still think your father can’t do anything? Still ashamed of him?” (10.129) Scout feels proud of her father and is not ashamed at all because of her father’s hidden talent. Scout was impressed by her father and was amazed that he could do such a thing; she looks up to her father. Atticus’s bravery in killing the mad dog can represent his willingness on taking the Tom Robinson case and the mad dog can represent the prejudice against black people in Maycomb. Atticus wanted to show that he can do anything that he sets his mind to. He wants Scout to be brave and do the right thing as she gets older, not to impress others but for the good of her heart.Miss Maudie is one of Maycomb’s open minded citizens. In chapter  5, Miss Maudie is talking to Scout and how she is getting threats from other citizens for not going to church. “Did you know some of ’em came out of the woods Saturday… told me me and my flowers were going to hell.”(5.59) Miss Maudie said to Scout. Miss Maudie had a different way of worshipping. She liked to go outside and appreciate God’s creations instead of going to church and stay inside reading a bible. Maycomb has a specific idea for everyone to follow but if someone thinks different they are shunned away and treated as an outcast; Miss Maudie was being hated for what she believed was right. Scout notices and says “That ain’t right, Miss Maudie. You’re the best lady I know.”(5.59) Miss Maudie tries to explain to Scout that some people are just different from others and that you have to deal with it. Scout likes Miss Maudie’s honesty and believes she can talk to with anything. When Scout hears about Miss Maudie’s situation she knows that Miss Maudie is doing nothing wrong and that the people who are disrespecting her are not good.Scout is still young and she doesn’t know what the future hold for her but she has some good influences, such as Atticus and Miss Maudie keeping her from going into the wrong path. Atticus does not listen to what people say about him and takes the Tom Robinson case because he knows it is the right thing to do. Miss Maudie is hated for not going to church  but she still keeps her head held high. They both stay strong to show Scout that she does not need to follow what Maycomb wants and do what she thinks is right. Topic SentencesSimple SentenceCompound Complex SentenceCompound SentenceThesis Statement