It a firm proficiency and well rounded knowledge of


It is with
pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Rishabh Rawat
in support of his application to pursue a Masters degree at your university. He
has immense potential and motivation for graduate studies. During his coursework
in Computer Science and Engineering, I closely interacted with him for over a
period of two semesters. I taught him subjects namely “Object oriented
Programming” and “Human Computer Interface”, and also guided him in “C++ Programming
Lab” and “JAVA Programming Lab”.


possesses strong financial knowledge along with a firm proficiency and well
rounded knowledge of various languages like such as C, C++, Java, HTML, MySQL,
which is a rare combination. Rishabh is the only student to amalgamate his
unparalleled knowledge of financial world with his strong technical skills. He
presented an outstanding project titled “Portfolio Management System”,which
keeps a track of individual’s investments across different locations. He came across
as an attentive, sincere and hardworking student.  In the classroom, Rishabh was an attentive
and disciplined student. He has good command over Object Oriented Programming
through Java. His Lab Work was disciplined and creditable. He has peerless  inquisitiveness and enthusiasm to create
different projects. Apart from the coursework, he regularly asked forseeked my
guidance in his website “”, which is a FOREX information website.
His website reflects the tremendous time and effort he placed creating it and
perfecting every webpage. and has recieved worldwide traffic. Blessed with
eminent analytical abilities and an acute sense of reasoning, Rishabh can
analyze critical problems exceptionally well.

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I believe that
Rishabh will be a worthy student at your esteemed university. Thus, Rishabh has
my highest endorsement for admission into his desired course at your
University. If you have any questions about this recommendation, please feel
free to contact me.