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It is ethical noting that ethnicity and race can be personal. Difference between ethnicity and race is similar to the ability of knowing an individual. A person does not choose their race, instead they were born with it. An individual can learn any language depending on what country they were born in, customs, and absorb into a culture to associated to an ethnic group. In the article, “At a Loss for Words: Measuring Racial Inequality in America,” Major Coleman proclaims that, “Racial equality between America’s largest racial and ethnic groups is decreasing, not increasing, if we use strategic measures. Strategic equality is the amount of equality necessary to avoid a major politico-economic crisis that could threaten the existence of the state” (Coleman, 190). To make sure the way everything is govern, there should be a effective plan that will impact on making society fair and more incompatible. There should be an objectives like ensuring that employment and public services are fair, accessible, and always there for the people when they need it. Also, there should be a plan of making sure that every person feel safe and have their chance to grow at school and their workplace. Mental illness does not discriminate, but the mental healthcare system does. Half of the adults in the U.S. who experience a mental health disorder get treatment, but some individuals belonging to many racial and ethnic minority groups gets less treatment than whites depending the services can be different. In the article, “Race Equality Training and Values-Based Practice,” Kim Dodd states that “There is discrimination, both direct and indirect, in mental health care. Just about everyone accepts that, and that the situation must change, quickly and permanently” (Dodd, 28). People should get the care that they want and need. These great differences show the way health services offer treatments and care pathways and therefore seem to fulfill the well established. Different reasons why racial and ethnic minorities gets less mental health treatment have something