James just to provide water to the family and

James Lee Hutchinson
often called “Hutch” lived a very eventful and hardworking life at such a young
age. Living through the depression, food was scarce, and money was tight. Just
reading the first couple of chapters I? have already grown so much more respect
for this man and his family. You would think living in the depression would
cause families to break but in fact it caused James Hutchinson’s family to do
the exact opposite and grow closer. Something I? will always admire is that
fact the no matter what was going on it seems like James and his family always
kept a positive attitude.

this time, most people could not afford to drive cars because of how expansive
gas was, thus making walking your only option. We complain about walking from
the overflow lot to school, can you imagine walking clear across town just to
get an education? Learning about someone who has lived through The Great
Depression is very interesting because often their childhood involved a lot of
imagination, something you do not see often these days.

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coming home after a hard day to no electricity of plumbing in your house, just
what you needed, right? This was the childhood of those living through the
depression. Many families had to carry buckets full of water from town back to
their house just to provide water to the family and of course you had your
outhouse in the back to take care of business. If you were lucky enough you
would not be a victim to the kid pranksters.

Lee Hutchinson, being the oldest, typically had to do all the hardest chores.
From carrying wood in the winter after his father had split it to wanting to
make his own money. James had several jobs growing up, including being the town
paper boy to working at Otis park, where he discovered the game of golf.

have learned that living through the great depression was not always stressing
about money of how the next meal was going to appear on the table. Those like
James Lee Hutchinson kept a positive outlook and took everything day by day.
James Lee Hutchinson determination and grit for work is something we do not see
often nowadays.

many children and young adults do not have to work for things because often it
is given to them. James Lee Hutchinson is a great role model to look up to since
he made it through the Great Depression with such a positive outlook on life.
There was no time for sadness and sorrows, he knew the world would not stop for
him and his family.

James Lee Hutchinson and his family were growing up they still managed to
attend church. Religion played an important role in the times through the Great
Depression. During the summer, children had the opportunity to earn prizes if
they attended bible school for a certain number of weeks. James Lee Hutchinson,
being the hard working and determined young man he was, of course, earned a New

much imagination had to be used during the Great Depression, traveling carnivals
were a big attraction. Who could pass up all the rides and tents set up on the
fairground? During the time the traveling carnival would be in town, as James
Lee Hutchinson wrote “Parents got lots of begging for extra coins with the
promises of ‘I’ll be good’ or ‘I’ll do al my chores.” We’re all guilty of
begging our parents for a little extra spending money when there is an event in
town or even just something we want.

very intrigued to read about the events that James Lee Hutchinson as lived through.
Through These Eyes really puts such historical events into perspective and
provides more intel than any history textbook could.