Jerry ignore them out of fear of failure. 2.

Jerry Martinez

English 190

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Professor Alexa

11 December 2017

Final Exam


Activity One:

1. How do people become
more intelligent?

-Based on the video
provided people become more intelligent when they have a growth mindset. The
idea of a growth mindset is that one intelligence isn’t something you are born
with but it comes from experience and failure. In broader words, its believed
people get smarter when they embrace problems rather than ignore them out of
fear of failure. 

2. How does the diagram
of neurons “At birth vs. at age 6″ demonstrate this?

– Based on the diagram
of neurons: At birth vs. at age 6” from the video provided, it
demonstrates that children from birth till the age of six have a growth
mindset. It depicts how the neurons from the brain expand when the brain
struggles as the children begin to learn how to talk, walk and etc. Therefore,
illustrating that having a growth mindset makes people become more intelligent.

3. How does the second
diagram of the nervous of the animal living in a cage vs. an animal with other
animals and toys demonstrate this?

-Based on the second
diagram of the nervous of the animals living in a cage vs. an animal with other
animals and toys demonstrates this phenomenon because animals who are being
socialized with other animals are constantly being challenged and have
interestingness. Therefore, expanding their nervous double, the size of the
animals who aren’t.

4. How are our brains
like muscles?

-Based on the video
provided our brains are like muscles because the more we use them and challenge
them the bigger they get, which is a metaphor that the more effort and
challenge we encounter one’s intelligence can be changed.

5. When do our brains grow
the most?

-Our brains grow the
most when we challenge ourselves to difficult tasks and not stay within the
confront of things we know out of the fear of failure.

6. What is

-Based on the video
“Neuroplasticity” neuroplasticity is how our brains are adaptable and
change if we chose to do so. The processes to make new pathways in our brain to
expand on what we already know.


Activity Two:

1. Discuss a time when
you overcame a struggle in learning and learned to solve a problem.

– A time when I overcame
a struggle in learning and learned to solve the problem was when I began
college. After graduating high school, I decided to take time off school and
began to work full time to provide stability for my family. Years went by and
it finally fit me that I wasn’t happy where I was in life and in addition there
where so many jobs that required more than a high school diploma. Therefore, I
decided to register in College and didn’t think much about it. I always
believed college was the same as high school and there wasn’t anything to worry
about. I enrolled in math which I was excited about because I haven’t been in
school for the past 7 years. When the semester began I attended the class. As
the professor began to lecture I found myself lost and at times not interested
in the lecture. Instead of asking for help and trying to figure out how to do
the problems I just kept to myself for several weeks. On quizzes and test, I
would basically fail each one however out of fear and judgment I didn’t want to
speak to the professor for help. I ended up dropping the class and was
disappointed with myself. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that bring me down even
more. Next semester I enrolled in the same class, however, this time I changed
my study habits and began to ask questions. I also found myself in the Math
Center more challenging myself to problems I never thought I can do myself.
When tests came around I started receiving A’s and on questions, I was unsure
about I asked the professor for help. I became more intelligent day by day
compared to the previous semester when I didn’t challenge myself and had a
fixed mindset.


Activity Three:

Dear Future Student,

When learning how to
bake a cake it takes patience and time. Without patience, you can accidentally
miss measure an ingredient and your whole cake will be ruined.


It took me about a week
to finally get the right consistency and flavor in my cake. At first, when I
began constructing my cake I didn’t pay much attention to the measurements of
ingredients and didn’t follow the proper directions in baking just because I
wanted to rush the process. I also forgot to mention I didn’t preheat the oven
and as a result, my cake was left runny and underdone. On day three I decided
to finally be patient and follow the directions. The batter of the cake looked
like the right consistency and transferred it to a cake pan. After preheating
the oven, I placed the cake pan in the oven and let it bake for 40 min as advised
in the directions. After the time was done I took the cake pan out of the oven
and began to remove the cake from the pan. The cake broke in half and the other
half of the cake was stuck to the pan. On day 6 the last day I was going to
attempt to make the perfect cake I followed each step as advised in the directions.
What I did differently was buttered the pan before placing the batter in it so
it won’t get stuck. I also let the cake cool down for about 20 min so it can
cool down and will be easier to remove from the pan. The final product was
better than I expected. Without the struggles and the perseverance to continue,
I wouldn’t have learned from my mistakes or got to where I did. What one should
take from this is be patient of an accomplishment you are trying to fulfill and
never give up because it’s well worth it in the end.





Activity Four:

1.Briefly, discuss
Josh’s story and the quote.

“The moment we
believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be
brittle in the face of adversity.” – Josh Waitzkin

-John’s story is a
perfect example that one is a capable to do anything they set their mind to.
The effort and the failure one encounters will make you strong and help you
learn from those mistakes so they won’t be repeated, therefore allowing you to
become more intelligent and successful. The quote “The moment we believe
that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be brittle
in the face of adversity.” is a perfect interpretation that without
failure you won’t truly know what you are capable of doing without the comfort
of something you already know. Getting rid of the fixed mindset allowed him not
to think of himself as this “special person” but gave him the
perspective that with effort and motivation he can conquer anything.

2. Discuss the study
about 7th graders with both fixed and growth mindsets.

What are a growth and
fixed mindset?

-A person with a growth
mindset believes they can change their intelligence over time with effort and
struggles. Compared to a fixed mindset those who believe they can’t change
their intelligence because its something they are born with instead of
developing their intelligence. 

What happened to the 7th
graders’ scores over the next two years?

-Over the next two years
after tracking the 7th graders the results concluded that students who had a
growth mindset overall did better. Compared to students with a fixed mindset
who overall didn’t do so well. The reason to this was the perspective they had
about intelligence as Eduardo Briceno said.

3. Discuss differences
in Growth and Fixed Mindsets.

What do people with
fixed mindsets focus the most on? How do both mindsets view effort?

-People with fixed
mindsets usually focus most on how they will be judged. People with a fixed
mindset view effort as negative and believe it only for people who aren’t
capable enough need. Compared to people with a growth mindset who see the
effort as something that makes you more intelligent and smart.

How do both mindsets
view obstacles?

-People who have fixed
mindset view obstacles as incapable instead of putting effort and determination
so they won’t be judged. While those with growth mindset view obstacles as a
learning opportunity in developing their intelligence.


4. Gauge whether you
would respond positively to this study on praise and its overall takeaway.

What was this study

-This study was about to
determine how praising children with a fixed mindset and growth mindset will
affect their ability in challenging themselves and growing their intelligence.

What kind of praise did
the kids in the “Fixed Mindset” group get?

-The kind of praise children with a “fixed
Mindset” group received when they finished the puzzle as they were told
that they were really smart for getting the number of points they received.

What kind of praise did
the kids in the “Growth Mindset” group get?

– The kind of praise children with a
“Growth Mindset” group received when they finished the puzzle was
that they must have tried really hard to earn those points.

What were the results of
this study?

-The results of this
study concluded that children who were praised with a fixed mindset picked an
easier puzzle piece over the more difficult one when asked which puzzle they
wanted to do next. While children with a growth mindset picked the more
difficult one to challenge themselves. The children with a fixed mindset
overall performed low and didn’t want to feel the judgment of other children so
they lied about the score earned. What’s important about this study is children
who are praised in a fixed mindset won’t have confidence and become fearful of
judgment. While children praised in a growth mindset want to challenge themselves
into more difficult tasks and aren’t afraid of judgment.




5. How does your brain
change and grow?

-Our brain changes and
grows when people are taught with a growth mindset, they typically do overall
better in school, work and etc. Three things said in the video The Power of Belief, is that our brain
will change and grow our mindset with effort, teaching others about growth
mindset and finally when you are beginning to think as a fixed mindset tell
your self you can’t do it yet instead of never.



1.What was your favorite
part of this class and why?

-My favorite part of
this class is how everything was set up for each student to succeed. All you
had to do is but your part in the class and you will receive a good grade out
of it.

2. What one thing do you
think you learned?

-One thing I learned is
about how sex trafficking in other countries is a huge problem still today. I
also learned how to build my reading skills.

3. What else would you
like to see as part of a Reading class at GCC?

– One thing I would like
to see as a part of a reading class at GCC is probably more videos on the books
we are reading in class. What I found out after taking this class was that
videos helped me answer questions I might have had about the reading.