Junk the opportunity to buy healthy foods or junk

Junk food should
not be served in public schools, because it is very unhealthy for student and
staff. Chips, soda, or even cheeseburgers have some type of fat that is super
unhealthy for you. If you allow high school students to eat chips, they will
eat at least three bags a day that’s 1,230 calories a day, not including the
rest of the food that they eat. If a student eats that many calories a day,
they would probably have heart problem or breathing problems. Everyone would
look like an orange or a blueberry if they eat that much junk food a day.


   Junk food is highly unhealthy and can transform fit, healthy human
beings into obese, lazy people. Eating too much junk food can lead to a shorter
life, one with heart problems or diabetes. Banning junk food in schools would
reduce the amount of junk food that kids eat. Also, some schools have already
taken this step and replaced the items in the vending machines. Banning junk food in
schools could encourage students to eat more healthy food. This could decrease
the occurrence of mental health problems between students. It also could
improve the school performance of students.

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    In the late 1800’s coca cola used cocaine as an
ingredient in their syrup, and a ton of sugar, it would make you addicted to
it. Your taste buds fall in love with the sugar and salt and you can never get
enough of it. Studies have also shown that fatty foods harm selfless. In
addition, foods that contain outstanding amounts of pesticides might cause
negative effects on brain health. Brain damage is a long-term health problem,
all because you wanted junk food. Imagine if our kids were eating all that junk
food during school, it can possibly mess their brain up too.


    During childhood, bones are developing.
Growing children need an important measure of calcium each day for bone
development. Without enough calcium, serious defects in bone development can
occur. If we leave our soda
machines in schools, they’re going to pick the soda instead of the milk Banning
junk food is likely to have an impact on one’s diet throughout their entire
life. Prominent psychologists feel that healthy habits are formed during
childhood. Some schools in California have changed their policies on junk food.
Instead of serving it in the school vending machines, they have switched over
to serving carrots and other healthy foods.

   If food that is served in vending machines
at schools has health benefits, it would help to ensure that students get
proper nutrition. If students are given the opportunity to buy healthy foods or
junk foods from the vending machines, it’s likely that many students would
choose the junk foods over healthier foods. Given the success of these bans,
it’s likely that more and more schools will begin to follow suit in banning
junk food. At least, it’s likely that more schools will stop selling junk food
in their vending machines. The
fact that McDonald’s and other fast food chains have made an effort to make
their menu items healthier doesn’t necessarily mean that people would tend to
support banning junk foods in schools. With that I conclude my junk food essay.