Just degree alone is insufficient for meeting my dreams

Just as the 21st
century dawns on mankind, our lives have become a testimony to the genesis of a
new era in digitalization, globalization, and sustainability. With recent
advancements and developments in communication technology, the marketing field
has been revolutionized with great opportunities and potential pitfalls. It is
this challenging environment to which I intend to contribute by evolving
meaningful and optimal solutions to various problems of marketing. Having
completed my graduation in 2017, I realized that given the extremely
competitive environment of the workforce at present, an undergraduate degree
alone is insufficient for meeting my dreams and goals and developing a dynamic
future career. Ever since my childhood, I have always been independent,
ambitious and adventurous. I also have a passion for traveling, learning new
languages and understanding different cultures of the world. And therefore I am
eager to undertake my Masters in Digital Marketing from your esteemed
organization to pursue my goals and passion.


I completed my under
graduation from the prestigious Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in
Computer Science background, without having any backlogs. During my course
tenure, I studied various subjects like Business Intelligence, Database
Systems, Project Management etc. It was in my 7th semester when I studied
Managing and Marketing of Technology, that I developed an inclination towards
Marketing. Besides my academics, I took parts in various events like ‘Mad over
Marketing’ and helped to coordinate ‘Intra college Events’ at my college fest.
Apart from this I did various courses like ‘Entrepreneurial skill development
Program’ by International Center for Culture and Education and did my training
at organizations like HCL and IBM.

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to a doctor family I was always a very diligent and bright student in school. If
one were to ask my peers to describe me they would describe me as a very
friendly, active and an optimistic individual. I got 9.8 cgpa in my 10th and 86 percentage in my 10+2 standard.
Maintaining a balance between my academics and extracurricular I also
participated in the closing ceremony of the 2010 ‘XIX  Commonwealth 
Games’, as a group dancer. This has been my favorite experience so far.
Being a team worker I managed to become the president of the ‘Hospitality Club’
in my 12th standard, which showcased my managing and interpersonal skills. What
I value is in, success is through hard work and dedication. However I scored
slightly less in my B-Tech, but instead of it becoming my shortcoming it helped
me realize my career path, that rather than core programming I should undertake
managerial and marketing skills. As Bill Gates rightly quoted, “It’s fine
to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure


After my college, I
prepared for GRE and acquired a score of 302 in my Verbal and Math and a 3.5
score in AWA . Alongside, I had been working with NGO’s like “People for
Paws”, which aims at animal welfare by providing health care and adoption facility
to the needy and shelterless animals. Further, I was associated with
“Rotary Youth Leadership Awards” event which involved planning the
event as a team. I participated in “Green Revolution Global Certification
Program ” by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change, to
educate and act against Climate Change. In this I bagged an A grade in the
Certificate of Excellence.


I am enthusiastic to
see the world, meet new people and discover new ways of thinking. Thus, I
decided to pursue my Masters in Digital Marketing from your institution and
enrich myself with the professional expertise offered by your virtuoso faculty,
intense curriculum, and cherished history. I am sure that Trinity College
Dublin is the ideal place to shape my career and help me pave the way to