Justification: heavily digital and online makes it a unique


This article identifies the  way Hello Sunday Morning ( HSM ) has changed
and enhanced the development of online health interventions. This article shows
the way this activist organisation has used their technological advancements as
action to create identifiable social change

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This article illustrates how
developments of online health interventions such as Hello Sunday Morning are
interrelated with making individuals feel more comfortable and reflect on their
challenges (alcoholism) via their own home with the use of the organisations
digital uses. Carah, Meurk & Angus (2017) explain how through research and
polls they held, that the privacy of participating on this HSM journey online was
a more comfortable and approachable way to engage in this organisation with the
sample voting in agreeance (59.96%) by outlining how it makes individuals with
these types of issues feel less ashamed with themselves.  Meurk (2017) describes the simple software
used in this organisation and the ongoing colour scheme relaxes individuals and
creates a space for ultimate reflection which allows participants to understand
what they will doing to improve. The authors all express how the whole
organisation being heavily digital and online makes it a unique organisation
which draws participants to engage and fully commit to all the online components
such as daily blog posts, private journals and goals every month. The authors
have acknowledged certain limitations to this organisation as people in rural
areas who lack internet connections and may not be able to communicate or participate
in this organisation. This article concluded with the authors illustrating
their hopes about HSM “Flourishing and overcoming the issue at hand” ( Carah,2017)

Critical Analysis:

These various authors are individuals
who work at the University of Queensland, majoring in this specific field, all
with PHDs. With these accomplishments it makes their work credible as they seem
to have knowledge and understanding in this topic. The evidence they presented
to support their article was in depth due to all the different interviews,
polls and research they conducted to come to a suitable conclusion. There seems
to be no possible bias within this article as all authors address the
limitations about an all online organisation.  Other authors such as Edwards, Howard and
Joyce (2013) also outline the effectiveness of digital activism such as HSM. In
conclusion, Carah, Meurk & Angus ( 2017 ) outlined the importance and effectiveness
of activist organisation groups like HSM and how they have developed into a
popular, open minded, successful organisation, helping to end alcoholism and
all the issues that come with it.



Carah.N., Meurk.C. & Angus.D.
2017. ” Online expression & experimentation as ‘ reflectivism’ HSM.” Health.21(2) 119-135