Ketamine abuse. Research studies found that ketamine intake increase

Ketamine side effects are caused by drug interactions. When ketamine used during surgical procedure through intravenously (IV), the short-term effect will vary. The 40% estimation of people who use ketamine in the hospital are experiencing some of short term effect like dizziness, delirium, euphoria, psychomotor delay, nightmare, delusion, hallucination, low blood pressure, hypertension, nausea and vomiting, but there are familiar side effects of ketamine such as delusion and hallucinations. The effect of ketamine doesn’t stop when the dose injection stops, ketamine effects could stay on for many hours even if the drug is no longer used. The pain is the common side effect mostly users experienced resulted when the higher dose of ketamine is given, and report shows 10% of users develop tonic chronic movement, also neurological effect may develop when the drug is being used for a long period of time. There are no medical uses in which Ketamine is given continuously so in this case, any long-term effects of the drug are those that have progressed in chronic recreational users or in animals when they scientific testing the animals. Mental disorder, loss of memory and not being able to see and talk properly could result from long term ketamine abuse. Research studies found that ketamine intake increase depression and can cause serious verbal, visual memory loss in those who abuses the drug. If ketamine will be used as instructed by clinician user may develop short term side effects, but this does not stop the risk of mental disorder.  Ketamine might also affect urinary tract by causing irritation, bladder shrinkage and volume these happened to ketamine abusers, and the extended use of ketamine could also result in inflammation and infiltration of renal and blood in the urine. In addition, ketamine can make someone have the feeling of tiredness and can cause blackout, so if large dose of ketamine is consumed the effect might be that of “k-hole”. K hole is the word used to represent the out of body experience users experience when they consume high amount of ketamine, the experience includes delusions, body misconception and hallucinations or closely to death experience. Ketamine should not be taken along with amphetamines because the mixture of these two drugs can results into a very high blood pressure. Contraindication of ketamine is for those with a serious high blood pressure would comprise severe risk.