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Joshua often admired the prince who rode in
his royal chariot through the land to inspect the building projects. The prince
seemed to care about the workers in a strange way.

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Sometimes, he stopped the other supervisors
from punishing the workers. Joshua couldn’t understand why the prince was so
kind to the working folks.

He concluded it was because the prince was
raised by a kind woman and her daughter who were related to the workers and
were employed as his nurses in the palace.

One day, news spread like wild fire across
the land that the prince was on the run for a murder charge. He had killed one
of his own people, a project supervisor, who punished one of the workers too

This came as a shock to many in the land, and
gave rise to many questions. Eventually, the truth was uncovered – Moses, the
Prince of Egypt, was Hebrew, not Egyptian.

A couple of years past before Moses returned
to Egypt with a new purpose. He had been sent to free the Hebrew slaves. He
needed some help with his mission because, for starters, he wasn’t an eloquent

His elder brother, Aaron, was to be his
mouthpiece. He also needed someone he could rely on as a personal assistant.
The young Joshua was dazed when the prince returned from exile as a different kind
of man and named him his personal assistant.

Joshua never thought it possible, even in his
wildest dreams, that he would one day become so intimately involved with the

Joshua eagerly followed Moses wherever he
went and didn’t hesitate to carry out his instructions.

Joshua watched as Moses instructed Aaron to
throw his staff down at the palace of the great pharaoh where it turned to a
snake and where it swallowed the snakes of pharaoh’s magicians who had also thrown
their staffs down and turned them to snakes.

Joshua watched as Aaron stooped to pick the
snake up, which became a staff again while pharaoh’s servants stood without
their staffs. That night, Joshua could hardly sleep after what he saw at pharaoh’s

He thought how highly favored he was to have
been chosen by one as great as Moses who was boldly fighting for the freedom of
their people, the Hebrew slaves. But he felt like he wasn’t worthy of such a
honor and sometimes feared he might fail along the line.

His respect for Moses, who was once mistaken
for a Prince of Egypt, was heightened after what he witnessed. Little did
Joshua know that the miracles he saw were nothing compared to what he was going
to see with the progress of time.

He later saw the Nile turned to blood, an
uncountable number of frogs summoned out of the Nile, the summoning of a swarm
of gnats as never before seen, which was followed by a swarm of flies of equal proportion.

Then, he witnessed the mysterious death of
Egypt’s animals. After which there was an epidemic of boils on all the
Egyptians, including pharaoh and his magicians.

While Joshua was still wondering about these
strange phenomena and how Moses could accomplish so much, Egypt was battered by
an unprecedented hail storm, which was followed by the summoning of a swarm of

After the locusts, darkness, so thick it
could almost be touched, covered Egypt. Then, the first sons of all Egyptian
families died as the final blow to break pharaoh’s strong will.

Joshua saw it all and sometimes wondered what
it would be like to be a leader like Moses. He could never see himself becoming
such an undaunted leader with so much supernatural power and influence.

He was more than satisfied with his role as a
personal assistant to so great a leader, and would do anything to make his
master’s life easier. Joshua regarded Moses with awe after seeing all the
miracles he performed in Egypt, which resulted in the eventual freedom of the

However, when Moses divided the Red Sea, his
loyalty to his master was moved to a whole new level. The Exodus of the free
Hebrews was melodramatic and was marked by remarkable supernatural occurrences,
all of which Joshua noted with awe.

When Moses was required by God to ascend to
Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, Joshua went with him. All other
Israelites, including the elders, were forbidden to go anywhere near the
mountain, but not Joshua.

Little did Joshua know that he was being
groomed to be the next Moses. The thought of the remote possibility of taking
over from Moses crossed his mind occasionally and filled him with fear, making
him feel small and inadequate. It wasn’t a task he felt he was up to.

But one day, Moses and his elder brother,
Aaron, crossed the line and God held it against them. Moses disobeyed God’s
order to speak to a rock that would provide water for the thirsty and complaining

He struck it instead and incurred the wrath
of God. Eventually, it was time for the great Moses to hand the mantle of
leadership to someone else.

Joshua looked around and there was no one
else on the queue to hand it to except for him and Aaron. But Aaron already had
a sensitive leadership position as high priest.

So the only option left was him – Joshua. He
had been a good and obedient follower, but now he was almost paralyzed with
fear at the thought of having to fit into the super-sized shoes of the great
Moses as his successor. The inevitable was obvious, he couldn’t escape it.

Before Moses died, he handed the mantle of
leadership to Joshua who didn’t know where to start from. All Israel would look
up to him going forward while he no longer had Moses to look up to.

He froze at the thought of being presented as
the next miracle worker and leader who would finish what Moses started. How was
he going to accomplish anything that would possibly impress the people and earn
their respect? He feared he was going to seem like a joke to them.

But then, he remembered a couple of things he
picked up while serving his master, Moses. He remembered how Moses often relied
on God and turned to God when he wasn’t sure what to do. So Joshua turned to
God and presented his worries.

After God reassured him and instructed him
not to fear, he resolved to face what was before him with as much boldness as
he could muster.

Soon after that resolution, Joshua led the
Israelite army into battle against Jericho, which was a well-fortified city
with walls thick enough to let two chariots conveniently ride side-by-side on
it. This was Joshua’s first real challenge and test of leadership.

He followed his master’s example and turned
to God for help. After getting a series of instructions from God, he led the
army of Israel into battle against Jericho and the seemingly impregnable walls
of Jericho came crashing down.

Israel’s victory was great and memorable under
the leadership of Joshua who thought he would make a poor leader compared with
Moses. That victory marked a turning point for Joshua who was transformed into
an undaunted leader.

Joshua later went ahead to perform many great
leadership feats. He even stopped time by causing the Earth to stop rotating
for a while, which made the Sun look like it stood still until Israel routed
their enemies in a war that required more time to gain the victory. This was a
feat even Moses would have stood in awe of. Joshua was finally his own man.