K’na really like fixed marriages because you cannot freely

K’na the dreamweaver is a Cinemalayan movie film in 2014. It was released in the Philippines on August 14, 2014. The actress who played the role of K’na was Mara Lopez while the role of Silaw was played by Ramon Khino Bagatsing, also called RK Bagatsing. The movie talks about a love story of two young individuals. The setting of the film is in South Cotabato in a place where there is a lot of trees and high mountains. Ida Anita Del Mundo directed the movie K’na the dreamweaver.  She was inspired to make this movie when she went to Sebu, South Cotabato and before she returned to Manila, she got stranded in T’boli village because of the heavy rain. After meeting the people in T’boli tribes, she was inspired to make it into a movie.           The movie has a lot of real life situations. They have showed the viewers that most of the rich people do not have any freedom.  They do not get to choose who they marry or who they get to live with for the rest of their life. Just like the situation of  K’na, when she was told to marry a prince from North Cotabato just to fix the feud between the two parties. I like the setting of the place where they filmed the movie because I can see the nature. The movie should have a lot of trees which was shown in the film knowing that the past still have a lot of trees especially in the province. I disliked K’na for not saying anything to Silaw, that she will get married to a son of the Datu in North Cotabato. We know that K’na loves Silaw but it is not right to not say anything to him. Leaving Silaw without a word is very hurtful especially when they are together, even if their relationship is not that long. Silaw’s love for K’na is real even though K’na was already in the North, he still loved her. I do not really like fixed marriages because you cannot freely love the person you’re married to. Most problems cannot be solved through fixed marriages and that is why I hate it. All problems have different solutions which doesn’t involve fixed marriages. Fixed marriage takes your freedom to love another person you really love because your love is already chosen by you famiky or relatives. The family should not let K’na get married to the son of the Datu event hough they are rich because K’na has her own choice on who she will love. I recommend the story of the film to be improved because a lot of people got bored after watching K’na, the dreamweaver. They should also improved the cliché theme and flow of the movie because the kind of love that K’na and Silaw have in the movie is very common. For me, it is nice because we can see how people in South Cotabato lives. It also gives us more information about the past how they live, work and many more. Some parts of the movie is boring especially during the first part of the movie.