Late his wife before out of God’s fear didn’t

Late in the century, the astrophysicists were working with
The Grand Unified Field Theory to understand the relevance of isolated
electromagnetic particles in the universe and by chance they ended up
concluding these non-unified particles had reduced to the size of one trillions
of size of a mustard seed, which proved the non- existence of God. The media
reported this story with same breathlessness as like launch of Mars Orbital
Mission and the public reacted with equal anxiety. On day 1 ” It can’t be
possible” and on day 2 ” I always knew it” was how they reacted.

Religious priests, Mullah, pope, all decided to come clean,
for the sacrifices they have asked common man on the name of God. Hindu priests
confessed that the liturgical rites were for the welfare of the society and not
for God.

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Jews started eating pork without any guilt. Jains plans of
abstaining went in abeyance. Starving Hindus were quite happy to eat their
sacred cows which have sauntered their streets for decades. They started
enjoying feasts with their Muslim friends, to whom they once condemned of hurting
Hindu religious believes. By the year’s end human creed went from the phase of
hunger to hypertension and a cliché’ of portly red faced Hindu was born.

All around the world the religious holidays were suspended.
Ramdan, the Muslim period of fasting was reduced from twenty-eight days to twenty-eight
seconds. The Hindu rituals done to praise God were rarely followed. The House
of Worship lost their tax exempted status. Mosques turned into banks,
cathedrals were converted into multiplexes, and temples were transformed into
offices. The churches became St. Arbucks coffee Shop. They were widely
successful and bankrupt a year later.

As for Pope of Vatican City, he became a celebrity, famous
for being famous. He started advertising for brandy and even got married to a
nun by the end of the year.

One thing that didn’t happen post God world was total
collapse of morality. People who didn’t marry because of fear of God didn’t
marry because they were to ugly for that, a man who didn’t beat his wife before
out of God’s fear didn’t beat her now because of fear of Women Redressal
authorities. People who abstained from pork, beef didn’t touch it again once
they found out it doesn’t taste so great.

And so the Godless world plugged along people who were
lustier, prouder, angrier, more envious and slothful. But they were a little
happier, when geologists taking deep core samples discovered that there really
is hell and we all are going there.