Later in several countries within short times for the

Later he was appointed as the Legal
representatives from the side of Bangladesh or as the High Commissioner
from Mujib Nagar government. He established an office of Bangladesh high commission with the help of Bangladesh action committee in United Kingdom. Later there were established several sub association for the help
of Bangladesh in where the Bangladeshi people were not
included but also the native British were also came in front for the help of
Bangladesh through economic and diplomatic assistances.


For instances the British students formed a Bangladesh Action Committee for
the humanitarian assistance and cooperation of Bangladeshi people whom are suffering from war related hostilities_.
Justice Abu Said
Chowdhury attempted a lot as legal representatives to draw the
attention of world community through peaceful rally, press release, meeting, submission of proposal, participation in different TV, radio and news paper interviews including BBC about the bloodshed
attack on civilian Bengali
population by the Pakistani armies in Bangladesh. He visited different embassies to
describe the torture and the genocide of Pakistan army on the civilian
population of Bangladesh.

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He visited the United States and the all Scandinavian countries for the
cooperation and to create pressure on Pakistani dictator to stop genocide and
mass killing of civilian innocent students of Bangladesh and people and to free the national leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from West Pakistan Prison_. For the diplomatic purpose Justice Abu Said Chowdhury went to Norway, Canada,
Sweden, Switzerland, and Netherlands and in several countries within short
times for the assistance, awareness and collective initiatives of world
community against the Pakistani
repression and oppression and for the freedom of Bangladesh.


He said at every place “we have reached a point of no return.” We get from his description about
different small association and organizations of Bengali and Non-Bengali
peoples for the support of the independence of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi self
operated and legal representatives try to convince event the Muslim countries
that this is an unjust war from the side of Pakistan
and not the irritation of India but the result of long oppression and
suppression of West Pakistan on Eastern part which turned into the liberation
movement and freedom struggle of Bangladesh._