Lauryn As he entered I would jump on him,


Aretha Walker

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Public Speaking (40843)

1, 2018

                                                A Tribute to My Superhero

you hear the word superhero, who comes to mind? There are tons of super heroes,
but none are like mine. My superhero is patient, loving and caring, they are always
there for me when I need them. They have been a strong pillar during my
development throughout the past 16 years of my life. I am here to pay tribute
to my Dad, because any man can become a father but not any man can be a dad. I
choose this topic to thank my dad for his love, encouragement, and playing a
starring role and influence in my life.

my dad always makes sure to show me love and always made an effort to make me
feel special. Not only would he always say, “I love you to the moon and back”
but he would show it. When I was younger the happiest moment of my day, was
when I heard my dad unlocked the door at night. As he entered I would jump on
him, he hugs me, kisses me and carried me on his shoulder. I remember when we
did our handshake after my accomplishments. I remember every Valentine’s Day he
would get me chocolates and flowers. He always spoils me and my sister, like
when he took us to the Sugar Factory, on south beach and spent $600 on one
meal. Its little efforts like these that are a continuous reminder of my dad’s
never failing love for me. There is not one time I can recall my dad not
following through on a promise. I know I can always count on my dad to be there
for me.

my dad is my inspiration, he has taught me to never give up on my dreams. I
know he’s always going to be in my corner rooting for me, has always been my
number 1 fan. He has always been there for me when I needed him, I know he
would drop everything and come to my rescue. When I had a rough day he is right
there with me, he listens. He has taught me many valuable lessons on thinking
positive and makes me apply them, he advises me. Every track meet, every dance
performance, every gymnastic practice he was there, he supported me. My dad has
taught me to never quit, to take on any challenge and finish strong. Whenever I
think about giving up I think about what my dad would say, he would say “when you’re
not working, somebody else is”. The greatest gift my father has ever given me
was him believing in me.

when I was younger I couldn’t understand a parent’s reason for discipline. I
used to think that parents were supposed to love their child and make them
happy. This way of thinking typically left me wondering why my father would
spank me. Why was I being forced to wash the never ending pile of dirty dishes,
and fold mountains of laundry? I didn’t think it was fair that I couldn’t leave
the house until all my chores were done. It took me long enough to figure out
he was showing love through discipline he was helping me grow into a respectable
women. I understand that now when he says, “I’m proud in the beautiful,
responsible young woman you have become.”

sum it all up, my dad was my first best friend in life. I am glad that I have
my own unique superhero, best friend and mentor all in one. This is why I am
paying a tribute to my dad, to thank him for his love, encouragement, and playing
a starring role and influence in my life. Thank you dad for being my strong
pillar, always encouraging me and believing in me.