Leadership on the author’s life. In part two the

Leadership could be
defined as a way of trying to motivate an individual or a group of people to
achieve a task or a set goal further a true leader should be able to provide
guidance to an individual or to a group pf people whereas the leader should be
able to perform a task and demonstrate it to the followers (Munroe, 2005). According to (Rost, 1993) leadership is one of the influences between leaders and
their followers who work for the common goal or the objective. When it comes to
being a leader he or she should be able to gather and acknowledge the knowledge
of the followers (Zaleznik, 2004) whereas leadership could be defined as an
individual trying to help a group of individuals to achieve a set goal (Northouse,
2016). In part one the author of this report will discuss about the authors
leadership behaviour styles and how it reflects on the author’s life.

In part two the author will discuss about
how to improve ethical leadership behaviours of the organization. When It comes
to development in a leader “Jack Welch” quotes before a leader becomes a leader
his success was to only look at developing himself, but when you’re a
successful leader it is all about trying to develop your own followers (BrainyQuote,
2018).  Whereas when we look at the
character of a leader Joanne Ciulla quotes that leadership doesn’t belong to an
individual or an position, it is a bigger picture of the peoples relationship,
trust, bond, mental and physical emotions and a vision which is being shared by
both sides (Great-quotes.com, 2018).

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Theories of leadership

The Great man Theory

The great man theory reflects that either
an individual is born with leadership skills is a leader or if he doesn’t have
leadership skills then he is not a leader (Verywell, 2018). In the 19th
century Great Man Theory was well known leadership style. In this theory it is
also known as leaders are born not made. Thomas Carlyle a famous historian once
said that leaders are the people who are talented with driving a team or an
individual to a specific goal with his/hers characteristics and moral (Verywell,

Problems of Great man Theory is that not
all the people who are born with leadership qualities become very good leaders
therefore, if leadership is said to be a born talent then people who have them should
have necessity leadership roles. I research it is said to be that leadership is
known as a very big subject so that various factors do interferer on how
talented a leader could be or not (Verywell, 2018).

The Trait Theory

Carlyle the great historian believes that history
exist because of the great leaders in the past and whereas he further mentions
that it is an inborn talent of a person who could lead a country or a set of
people and it cannot be developed by time (Verywell, 2018). “Shriberg and
Shriberg in their 2011 book Practicing Leadership Principles and Applications mentions
that the Trait Theory is known to be the first Theory of leadership to become
known in the twentieth century and it has been criticized by many scholars”.

Problems of Trait Theory is that believers
of trait theory mentions that few of the traits are joint in maintaining a
strong leadership, why does not the people who display these Traits of
leadership does not become superior Leaders? The superior leaders who does not
have the traits related to leadership, what about them?

Whereas Stogdill’s 1974 review of leadership
traits recognized a few qualities that had; Intelligence, knowledge, responsibility,
integrity social skills, self-confidence also a study in 1989 said that these
traits could be connected to leadership according to he situations like; task
competence, physical vitality, intelligence, ability to motivate people (Verywell,