Lean will get benefit from implementation. The non value


            Lean manufacturing is meaning by a
systematic method for waste minimization which applies within a manufacturing
system without endure the productivity. There are three type of value analysis
which contributed from lean concept. There are value added and non value added.
The value added is an activity which adding value towards the customer. It does
means customer will get benefit from implementation. The non value added is
vice versa from value added.

            In lean manufacturing, eliminating seven
waste is something that can be done through the implementation should not be
identify and remove waste.

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            Based on the situation given above,
the element of seven waste identified which 8 hours drying time is waste of
waiting. Waiting time is the idle time which someone should do something
instead of do nothing.   

            This is the most obvious wasted and
clearly does not add value to the customer. However, not all waiting time is
wasted time and did not value added. This is because waiting 8 hours of drying
time can be identified as value added since the product will change into
something that customer expected or demanded. Instead of waiting 8 hours, this
company is suggested to use automatic or robot machine to speed up the waiting
time the cars to dry.

             By eliminating or reducing waiting the company
will improve the productivity of the workers and it the cost can be reduced for
every expenses. While waiting for the painting to dry, the workers are
suggested to fill with the activities that can be value added in the production.
In other way to minimize the waiting time during drying process, the company
should revise which part that consume shorter time and longer time to dry. The
part which needed longer time should be paint first then followed by the part
which needed shorter time.        In
conclusion, all the suggestion given above is one of the way to eliminate the
waste of waiting time.