“learning from Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology affiliated

gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge,
knowledge makes you great.” -A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. The above quote said by
A.P.J.Abdul Kalam The former president of My Nation.Well, this is one of quotes
 that has been ringing in my ears after
reading an article of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam . This describes me as a person and as
a student. This has been my driving force for all theaccomplishments of my
educational career. My motivation has always been at its peak beginning from
the early years at the high school through to the undergraduate school. My
desire and enthusiasm to learn more about Electronic gadgets has been improving
since my Science fair in schooling about Electro-Magnetism. However, right from
my childhood I also had a strong inclination to be a Computer Science Engineer,
but at that time it was impossible to pursue both the programs simultaneously
so I opted for Electronics and Communications Engineering since I understood
that this branch would help me to understand various gadgets along with the
computers.7 Now I have come to a point where I can transfer my hardware skills
acquired in the past four years 9 to earn an MS in Computer Science. My
schooling infused in me a keen sense of scientific temperament, Quantitative
abilities and instilled in me a special interest towards mathematics and
physical sciences which are also my pre-university majors. It was at this time
that I developed a fascination for the multidisciplinary facet of Electronics
and Communications. But I never withheld my desire towards the computers. With
a sound background  I have successfully
completed my 10 years of schooling and secured 81.1% in my X standard. My
innate strengths have been my quantitative and analytical abilities which
instilled in me a special interest in mathematics and  make me to take up mathematics, physics and
chemistry as my majors in my pre-university education  and I secured 96% in my XII standard . I
completed Electronics and Communication Engineering with 83.2% from Audisankara
College of Engineering and Technology affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University,Anathapur. Under-graduation Course Work My
undergraduate program has given me a strong background in the fundamentals of
various Electronics subjects’ life Digital Electronics, Integrated Electronics,
Microprocessors, Microwave Engineering. Etc and Communication Engineering
topics like Signals and systems, Analog Communication, Digital Communication,
etc. As an undergraduate student  I have
found keen interest in the subjects of Microprocessors and Towards this end, I
am well versed with programming in C language, Java, operating system like
Linux, Windows and software tools like MATLAB, Multisim, and Verilog HDL. I
achieved University 7th rank in 1st year B.Tech results among 118 Engineering colleges
and also awarded with a medal for academic excellence in Intermediate. As I
possess with 22strong leadership qualities I made to be representative of my
department in my under graduation period and also I’ve organized Four National
Level Technical and Departmental Symposiums in my college such as PRAYAG-2K13
& 2K14, CATECHIZE-2K14, FLAIR-2K13 and as a student club member I’ve
volunteered in every placement program conducted and even assisted all students
during any computer based program. Project Work In my seventh semester  I have done a project in embedded systems
WEBCAM”. This project focused on interfacing a The aim of the project is to
build a PC controlled robot, which could be able to send the environmental
status, through wireless camera, which transmit the status of the place, so
that we can view the place in our display which is far away. I was the leader
of the team of four. This project has brought the most out of me. My responsibilities
as the team  leader included designing
the hardware part of power supply section and interfacing circuit and actually  building it on a PCB. I also had the
responsibility of coordinating the work of all the team members effectively. By
dint of perseverance and patience we have successfully designed a system that
enabled the control of a spy robot through a PC. Why U.S? I feel that
undergraduate study alone does not provide the specialized academic exposure
essential to reach higher professional levels in the present day technology
driven workplace. Moreover, it is only during Graduate studies that I will be
able to get adequate opportunities to test the validity and the practicality of
my ideas. Graduate study in the United States of America is known  for its spirit of innovation, which sets global
standards of excellence. Why NEU? To achieve my cherished objective of
obtaining a position of leadership in my field of study/work, I feel that
Graduate Study at  your university with
its high quality of intellectual and material resources would give me the right
opportunity and environment to realize my academic and professional goals.
Summing up I conclude with great expectations of being given a chance to pursue
higher studies at your university. Providing me with adequate financial aid
would greatly facilitate my pursuing of masters’ degree.Finally, I thank you
for this opportunity to express my views on my future