Legalization marijuana rose sharply as part of the U.S.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

 Marijuana, in other words known as the blossom, which
is dried from the famous cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants. They are
used for many purposes such as animal food and medicine. The flower contain
very active chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are consumed for medicinal
and spiritual purposes. Before the 20th
century, these plants were not having any regulations and were favoured as a
common ingredient in medicines. During this period, major objections to
marijuana rose sharply as part of the U.S. temperance movement against alcohol.
In my opinion, Marijuana should not be legalized in Canada because it affects
the well-being of person’s life, causes danger of second-hand smoke to
bystanders and increases the probability of drugs falling into the hands of
younger generation very high.

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People who is under the influence of Marijuana finds it as
a ‘Gateway Drug’ that eventually leads to move on to more dangerous and illegal
activities. First, smoking Marijuana causes long-term harmful effects in the
society. In a 2016 article issued by International journal of health policy and
management suggests: “Although there is some evidence indicating therapeutic
benefits of marijuana use in neuropathic pain, inflammatory bowel diseases,
managing symptoms of chemotherapy and treatment-resistant epilepsy in children,
marijuana use is associated with adverse health effects”(para.13). This cause’s
short-term memory concentration, lack of proper attention to activity involved
leading to unintentional death among the consumer and many innocent people. The
extensive use of this drug has an adverse effect in the health of the newborn
baby and many children, which after a certain period effects the overall
productivity of the county in a terrible way. Secondly, if Marijuana is
consumed on regular terms as a medicine; it makes the consumer to use it as a
very addictive drug even without his knowing. International Journal of Health
policy and management (2016) published an article indicating “legalization in
Canada could lead to an increase in the recreational use of the drug among
adults which, in turn, could result in the health risks associated with the substance
use” (para.14). This if found to be a serious issue because in Marijuana legal
countries the rate of accidents and intoxication among children have been
reported a significant increase the legalization
of Marijuana in Colorado: The impact (2014).
If Canada has to face the same fate of Colorado and other Marijuana legal countries,
it causes the government a lot of money for the restricted selling in the
markets and frequent checkups to ensure safety among public. Lastly, the use of
this very dangerous substance causes an imbalance in a person’s life. Long term
users of this drug have reported to drop out of school and follows this same
method in their jobs in the future National institute
on drug abuse (2017b). This leads to the
losing of the individual’s respect among his/her family and the society.
Overall this makes the person’s life miserable such as by causing lower
satisfaction in terms of his life, lowers his/her mental and physical health.
At the end, the person is incapable to lead a successful family life but all
these could be avoided if marijuana is expelled from his life.

The harmful effects of marijuana is not limited to the
consumer but also to the innocent people surrounding him because they are
degrading the fellow’s valuable life, destroys the happiness among their
families without his knowing and causes harmful effects the environment too.
Firstly, the smoke from cannabis when inhaled by a non-smoker causes the
chances of acquiring harmful diseases within him. It has found that when non-smokers
are exposed to second hand marijuana smoke, there is a positive result of
absorption of cannabinoids in their body Evan
S.Herrmann et al. (2015).
This causes similar aftereffects as found in a smoker but in a small amount.
The exposure causes an increase in the bystander’s heart rate, which leads to a
slight chance of getting a cardiac arrest if he is having an asthma or any
other respiratory diseases. It also causes him to become slow to response and
lack of attention to his/her surroundings. Secondly, this might lead to an
innocent fellow’s death causing a destruction of his family or in other case;
there might be fighting within family due to drug related issues because he/she
is positive to drug tests if tested. It is seen that “Drug use puts a lot of
stress on parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents—anyone who is part of the
home”(“National institute on drug abuse”, 2017a). This issue arises for example when a person is
applying for a job and he is found positive for drug test because of continuous
exposure to second-hand smoking. As a whole when a person is found he is found
positive for drug test, he becomes mentally down. Lastly, this second-hand
smoke does not affect only human beings but also the environment. Theses second-hand
smoke doesn’t disappear from the environment and causes pollution to the air
and even enters the food chain causing Bio-magnification”
The lung association Quebec” (n.d.). Clothes,
skin and food absorb this harmful smoke. They even cause many skin irritations,
breathing problems, irritation for the eyes and reduce necessary substances
like cholesterol in blood. All these factors leads to extinction of plants and
animals and even a huge decrease in population of human beings. No matter by
how much you are getting exposed to the smoke the people automatically becomes
a passive smoker and all these could be avoided when they are not legalized and
by imposing a strict restriction.

No matter what all drugs exist in the market, the influence
shown by marijuana is so strong towards the younger generation and even every
non-smoker once in his or her lifetime had feeling to experience cannabis once
in his or her lifetime. Firstly, the younger generation are next to hold human
values and principles. They are constantly learning new things but they are not
clear about what is right and wrong. In a 2015 journal by Psychiatric Times suggests
“Marijuana is by far the most commonly used illicit substance among adolescents
and young adults, even surpassing tobacco use. About 45% of 12th graders and
more than 50% of 18- to 25-year-olds have tried cannabis, and use is steadily
increasing” (para.2). Research has consistently shown that the use whether
consistent or not is associated with outcomes that are not favourable, this is
because the brain is still in its early developing stage and is more exposed to
the effects of drugs like marijuana. Adolescent marijuana use has been
associated with impaired memory, difficulty in learning, poorer life outcomes,
and even changes in the structure and function of specific brain regions.
Adolescents and young adults are also more likely than elder people to become
addicted to marijuana, which has negative effects on physical, emotional, and
psychological health. Secondly, the youth is more attracted to things to get
attention and things that make cool in front of the public but in reality these
things are not. The Globe and Mail(2014) published an article stating that
“Canada’s youth are not only top consumers of the world’s most widely used
illicit drug – they are also lab rats for the most potent bud the world has
ever known”(para.4). It has become a custom that youngsters; in this case
Canadian youngsters are more likely to experience marijuana and so do their
friends. There is a significant promotion of marijuana even by celebrities,
which has a huge impact on children. They often try enacting the life style and
the method of living of the celebrities they praise. The fun fact is that after
a long time these youngsters realise that they have been trapped in the chain
of marijuana and tries to escape from it, which is near impossible. Lastly, the
more we use drugs the more our brain or our lifestyle is altered. In a 2014
article published by Psychology today suggests “smokin pot once a week—may
cause structural changes in the size and shape of two brain regions”(para.2).
This lowers the IQ level among many of the youngsters. This may even cause
permanent brain damage and finally destroys his future. Nobody wants his or her
life purposefully to be wasted for the sake of getting high for few hours. Maybe
if we save the money spend on drugs leads to buying of our dream car or a house.
All these reasons is enough to evade away from marijuana and stand against its
legalization in Canada.

The restriction of a person to choose his medicine for his
wellbeing is same as giving him away in the hands of death; however, some
powerful arguments initiated by experts and researchers are used to support
legalization of marijuana. The argument that majority of the people living in
Canada favours consuming marijuana for the purpose of medicine. In a 2017
article in The Global and Mail suggests that:”61 per cent of Canadians surveyed
said they believe pot should be legalized for recreational use, with that
number rising to 73 per cent among millennials”(para .1). A point that has to
be noted is that the poll is mainly favoured by the millennials; the younger
generation who is still exploring what life is and does not have a clear idea
about what is right and wrong. The matured generation of Canada knows what is
right and wrong which makes them completely against the use of marijuana even
though it can be used as a medicine. The after effects of using marijuana; the
change in behavior, driving patterns have started to be considered normal.
Darrell Bricker CEO of Ipsos Affairs states that: “To be clear, what they are
on board with is the idea that people should not be going to jail or have a
criminal record because of the fact they are using pot personally.” (para.3).  The extend of abnormal behaviour shown by the
consumer depends upon his intake and numerous incidents have taken place
leading to the death of many innocent people. Consuming marijuana is same as
consuming alcohol and driving while consuming alcohol is a serious offence all
over the world. This has been found to cause ‘Impairment’, which found not
normal according to current circumstances. As a whole, the idea of consuming
marijuana even as a medicine causes so bad to the society.

Marijuana should be banned in Canada to have a healthy and
responsible life style among the society because it can cause harmful effects
even to the non-smokers also and increases the chances of future generations
falling into the use of drugs. In future if it becomes legalized and made
readily available to the markets the world, we see right now is going to change
in a bad manner. Making and selling drugs such as marijuana guarantees that
more people are going to be addicted and health issues and average life
expectancy of a Canadian reduces drastically. It is better to stay away from things
that causes more harm than good even if it comes to us in the name of a