Leonardo meticulous care. He made discoveries in anatomy, meteorology,

Leonardo Da Vinci born in Florence, Italy was known to be one of the greatest masters of the Renaissance, thanks to his innovations in both the art world and science. Leonardo is considered the archetype of the “Man of the Renaissance” due to his interest in the broader fields of human knowledge, such as art, science, music, mechanics, war, politics, philosophy and any other knowledge considered important at the time. We must bear in mind that at this time human knowledge was still very limited and a student could come to dominate almost all of the branches of knowledge. These people are considered the real “men of the Renaissance” In science, Leonardo considered the importance of conducting studies and documentation with meticulous care. He made discoveries in anatomy, meteorology, geology, hydraulics and aerodynamics. This led him to devise many inventions, such as submarines, flying machines and combat machinery although most of them came to fruition.

In the western
world, the most famous work of painting is, without a doubt, the “Mona Lisa”. A
portrait wrapped in mystery, parodied and versioned on multiple occasions. It
has inspired countless books and legends, and even an opera; but the truth is
that little is known about the woman in the painting.

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famous work of art is “The Last Supper”. It is a mural painting made in the Dominican convent of Santa
Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. It depicts the scene of “The Last Supper” described
in the Bible. For many experts and historians of art, it is considered as the
best pictorial work in the world.