Lesson to take a new position within the same

Lesson 2 Short Essay


Describe the
costs and benefits of having an internal staffing focus then describe the costs
and benefits of having an external staffing focus. What is the trade-off
between the two approaches?

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Question No.

2: Cost and Benefits


Whether it’s a minor corporation or
a massive international establishment, recruitment remains the process that is
utmost crucial to the success of the corporation’s vision. Bill Gates formerly
stated in a CEO seminar that the thing that is holding Microsoft back is purely
how (hard) we discover it to go out and recruit the kind of individuals we want
to develop our research team.


Whereas extensive research can be uncovered
on what motivates employees, there is no cookie-cutter tactic for effective
recruitment. Some associations may employ an internal hiring strategy during
which others may find this ineffective and resort to an external staffing


Internal recruitment is the practice
in which a candidate is chosen from the existing employee pool to take a new position
within the same establishment. Advantages of this method may consist of lower
cost and faster turnaround, employee being acquainted with the organizations
culture and organizational structure, and development on employee morale and company


Nevertheless, there are a few
disadvantages of internal recruitment such for instance inbreeding where there
is a narrow of thinking or stale ideas. The establishment possible will then
not have a turnaround particularly on problematic issues, accordingly, may be
difficult to achieve rapid growth. Simultaneously, internal politics may arise such
as possible discontent of internal rejected applicants.


External recruitment is an
additional strategy where the available pool of candidates is outside the business
to fill open positions. Advantages of this method can be for the new employee
to offer new ideas and perceptions from other businesses. When you hire
experienced applicants, the training curve is greatly less, and there will be
less “jealousy” issues within the organization’s political climate.


The number one disadvantage
associated with external recruitment is cost exclusively when you use search
firms. At the same time, external applicants usually request higher wages and
may take some time to become accustomed with the company culture and existing
systems. Current employees may then be disengaged due to lack of promotional


Considering the pros and cons of
hiring internally or externally are constantly constructed on numerous factors for
instance quality of hire, time-to-fill, culture fit, and cost. Then again, at
the end of the day, corporations should emphasis on recruiting employees with
the right mixture of knowledge, skills and abilities.