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Let me tell you a story. Thousands of years ago, there lived a king called Shennogin China. He would travel the country teaching people how to farm their land anduse herbs as medicine.The king had ordered that people had to drink only boiled water. One morning,he was sitting under a tree when the servant gave him a steaming bowl of water.Just then a small gust of wind blew a couple of leaves into the bowl. The leavesunfolded in front of the emperor’s eyes and a pleasant smell filled his nostrils.Curious, he took a sip of the light brown water and his eyes went wide. It tasteddelicious. He found himself feeling vibrant. The tree that he was sitting under,was a Tea tree.Tea was born here. Where Burma, China and India meet.It was extremely popular in China and later spread to many countries.People found that drinking tea had many health benefits. Tea contains high levelsof antioxidants. It keeps your heart healthy. It gives healthy skin.In Assam the Singpho tribe had a special way of growing tea..It was packed full offlavor and stayed fresh for years!The British were excited to hear about this and set up Tea Cultivation in ColonialIndia. Since then the production of Tea rapidly grew in India.The main tea growing regions of India are Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris and thehills of Karnataka. Parry Agro grows tea in all of the major regions. They havedifferent kinds of tea and also tasty blends.They have thousands of acres of estates which make millions of kilos of tea.Tea has become a symbol of high culture across the world.In China, Japan and Korea they have customs and rituals to appreciate Tea. Thetea leaves unfold in hot water, releasing their aroma. This is poetically called”The Agony of the Leaves”.In British homes, it is the custom for a host to offer tea to guests as soon as theycome.Turkish tea is an important part of their cuisine, and is the most commonlyconsumed hot drink.The United States loves cold iced tea.In Burma, Pickled tea leaves are a national delicacy.The National drink of Australia is Tea.In India, tea grew widely popular in the 50’s through a successful advertisingcampaign by the India Tea Board. People drink small quantities as “cutting” chaimany times during the day.In Kashmir, a pink colored tea made with pistachios, almonds, cardamom andcinnamon is called Noon Chai.Ladakhis favor Tea made with a dollop of yak butter!Today more and more flavors of tea are being made. There are even Chocolateand fruit flavored teas available.It is said that next to water, tea is what people drink the most in the world!It’s really hot outside. I think I will have iced tea today.