Lisa Kristine’s work, which has been universally recognized, is

Lisa Kristine is an acclaimed American humanitarian photographer. Born on September

2, 1965 in San Francisco, California, Kristine specializes in photographing indigenous peoples
and social issues in an effort to bring awareness to these societies and engage her audience in the
ongoing conversation of what humanity truly is. Kristine developed an early interest in
photography and anthropology, beginning photography at the age of 11. She was mentored as a
youth in silver gelatin and cibachrome printing, two popular and effective photographic printing
processes, and is currently known for her evocative use of saturated color and fine art prints.
Kristin went on to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San
Francisco. She began travelling internationally in the early 1980s, photographing in Europe and
Asia for nearly five years in collaboration with international humanitarian organizations.
Kristine’s work, which has been universally recognized, is able to connect with her audience
directly and tell a story. She strives to inspire compassion and action through her intimate and
powerful portrayals of significant social issues, such as human slavery, and remote indigenous
cultures in order to encourage the unification of humanity.

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Twice, Kristin has been asked to present her work at the State of the World Forum, once
in 1999 in San Francisco, and again in 2000 in New York City. Due to Lisa Kristine’s work’s
ability to inspire discussions on human rights, social change, and global security, her work has

been honored at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit, where Kristine was the sole exhibitor with
the Dalai Lama, Reverend Tutu, and award winning Nobel Laureates in attendance. Her work
has also been auctioned by Christie’s New York, an upscale art gallery in New York, in benefit
of the United Nations. Lisa has especially gained global attention for her efforts on documenting
modern day slavery, in collaboration with Free the Slaves in 2010. The author of 5 critically
acclaimed books, she has also been praised for speaking at TED talk events, museums, business
conferences, colleges, and universities.