“Little process of formation of conditioned reflexes in dogs.

“Little Albert” – the known psychological experiment which was made by the behaviorist John U. Broddon Watson with the graduate student Rosalie Reynor. Earlier Russian physiologist I.P. Pavlov made the experiments showing the process of formation of conditioned reflexes in dogs. Watson was interested in the development of researchers of Pavlov to show that emotional reactions can be classically caused by people.The child whom Watson and Rainer called “B. Albert” widely famous as “Little Albert” today was a participant in an experiment. Approximately at the age of nine months, Watson and Rainer investigated the reaction of the child to many incentives, including white rats, rabbits, monkeys, masks and the burning newspaper. The boy for the first time did not show fear in one of these objects which were shown it.Next time, together with the representation of a rat to Albert, Watson created loud noise, having struck a metal pipe with the hammer. Naturally, the child began to cry when he heard the loud noise. After numerous coincidence of representation of a white rat to loud noise, Albert began to cry, just seeing a rat.Watson and Rainer wrote: “While the rat was shown, the child began to cry, almost at once he sharply turned to the left, fell to the left side, climbed up all fours and so quickly spread that it hardly caught the table edge “.Experiment with crumbs Albert – an example of how classical conditioning can be used for fixing of the emotional answer.The publication became possible with the assistance of INTEXT: design and construction of the estate, country houses. Registration of facades of houses in different styles: classical, Scandinavian, romantic styles, American country, modern styles (hi-tech, deconstructivism) and many other things.Neutral incentive: white ratUnconditional incentive: loud noiseUnconditional answer: fearConditional incentive: white ratConditional reaction: fearBesides demonstration of the fact that emotional reactions can be caused in people Watson and Rainer also noted that there was a generalization. After conditioning of reaction to fear Albert was afraid not only a white rat but also a wide range of similar white objects, including fluffy the Reynor’s fur coat and Santa Claus’s beards of Watson.