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Located in the capital of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia is the biggest natural harbor in the world and the famous Sydney opera house. Sydney is also the most populated city in New South Wales.Newcastle is the second oldest city in Australia it also happens to be the second most populated city in New South Wales.Wollongong is the third most populated city in New South Wales and is one of the largest coal and steel producing cities in Australia.The Central Coast is a group of small towns that were joined to form a large city and is where most people live who have jobs in Sydney, Australia because of the short driving time.The city of Port Macquarie has a large amount of koalas who have made a home there. Port Macquarie also has a large selection of beautiful beaches to visit. Broken Hill is also called the silver city because of its large amounts of silver deposits.Nowra is the home of a Air Force and Navy base but the unemployment rate is extremely high and has a population of 24,700 people.In the 1800s Lismore was established as a farming settlement for young men trying to find new jobs.Coffs Harbour is a major producer of bananas and has a high amount of tourism for diving and has a population of 25,828 people.Albury is the home of a major processing center for the Australian tax service with paper production and engineering being its major industries and it has a population of 79,664. Tamworth is famous for hosting the country music festival for 10 days every January and is the second biggest music festival in the world first being Nashville, Tennessee. Tamworth has a population of 32,440 people.New south wales has the largest manufacturing industry in Australia and is responsible  for 34% of the country’s total exports. Its most prosperous manufacturing products are food and metal products and heavy machinery. Its regional industry has greatly expanded from mining and manufacturing to now include aquaculture, biotechnology, communications, and renewable energy.Healthcare, social, incurrence, and financial services account for 86% of New South Wales industry output and 33% of Australia’s total service output.New South Wales is preparing for a $15 billion infrastructure fund to help the already booming economy and are planning to put in a pipeline to transport oil faster and more safely.Healthcare in New South Wales is government run and affordable for everyone with a large number of medical centers with 84 private and 210 public hospitals along with 280 community run health centres and 500 early childhood centres.The New South Wales forestry corporation has bought 17,300 acres of  pine forest which is about the size 13,000 football fields all of which will be cut down and used as a timber supply.New South Wales has strong relationships and trading links with many countries around the world, and offers extensive support and export opportunities for businesses of all sizes and a large number of foreign businesses choose to be here because of stable and diverse economy and because of its highly skilled multicultural workforce.the promises of new health buildings in New South Wales is a huge issue because the necessary cost of every new hospital bed or operating room. Every new hospital bed costs more than $220,000 a year just to accommodate the patient before the costs of the medical treatment and every intensive care bed is more than twice as much.other major health care issues such as access to speech therapy and community mental health care.Soft drinks in New South Wales are being heavily taxed to stop obesity.Coal mines in New South Wales are being shut down because breathing in the dust is bad for your health.All foods in New South Wales with a high amount of sugar are taxed to prevent obesity and diabetes.