Long foremost ground in the picture Long zoom –






Long zoom – This first picture
reflect the chosen location’s key frame as depicted in the sketch storyboard.



Establishing shot to highlight
journey’s surroundings and path to the shops on an early Christmas
Season.  Blue tones to highlight and
extremely cold day.

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To ensure continuity and
progression of the subject Claudia is captured at closer range.









During her journey other
passers’ by become part of the composition



POV shot to emphasise nearing of
place of appointment



The longer POV shows
crosshatches of composition and leading lines.  Claudia set off the middle third












The continuum as Claudia starts
to merge with the horizontal lines



The diagonal line of the tree
cuts composition highlighting a passer’s path….



…And how
line functions as time line as the subject is further down her journey









Subject is in wide depth of
field as to show the big picture overview, subject and journey



CU – Claudia waiting – diagonal
lines pointing direction



POV subject waiving to be












POV – Paola enters the scene



POV – Meeting and greetings



Establishing shot of venue









Friends posing for a photo memo
– clear warmer hues



Landscape portraiture of Claudia
as a signified relaxed image



Landscape POV – Paola enjoying
her coffee









Two subjects put out of the
restaurant looking for Carmen



Landscape view of Carmen focused



Landscape, by third party, of
the three subjects at this point in the story









Carmen and Claudia waiving
goodbye as Claudia “leaves” to re-join later in class



Carmen and Claudia on their way
exploring Holloway Road and seeking surroundings for another coffee bar



POV – Shallow depth of field
with focus on the students sharing views and discussing degree subjects










POV – Very shallow depth of
field and background movement signifier of a very busy life and sharing of



POV at an angle to point
direction and arrival at the destination



Establishing shot of how the
subjects students enters a learning environment across the vertical lines
of the doors









Closer look at the subjects
emphasising enthusiasm for learning



Close up of Moses profile image
highlighting him busy  talking before
he could join us



Group working together on a
project.  Diagonal line indicates
limits and its signified visual of group members










Lighter hues indicates a more
relaxed and engaged atmosphere  



The centred window pain in
contrast to the diagonal pointing direction to the foremost ground in the



zoom –