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magento development AustraliaEcommerce DevelopmentSetting up an eCommerce store is a confident move in today’s world. However, one needs a tailor-made solution and feature-rich websites to make sure that their online business ranks on the top. Choosing The Right PlatformPicking the right eCommerce platform for your dream shopping website can be intimidating. However, when one stuck at a befitting platform, it helps them to build and grow their online presence bravely with a mesmerising store. Decisive facts to consider for eCommerce developmentEven if one chooses the apt platform, there are myriad of things to consider to create a star-struck eCommerce site. Comprehensive LayoutAn eCommerce site must be built with the right choice of theme, templates, background, content layout, fonts or colours. All need to perfectly go with the business nature or the type of customers the site targets. 2. Clear and friendly navigationMake sure that none of your visitors has to keep guessing what to do next or where to click. Clear designed and user-friendly navigation is thus needed to help shoppers find out easily what they need and navigate through the site without hassles. 3. Putting the content appropriatelyOnline buyers rely upon only the virtual presentation of any product before buying it. Thus, you need to put in all the details of a product that are expected by the customers such as feature specifications, size, mass, the material used, etc. 4. Focussing on the Call-to-Action buttonsBuy buttons or Add to Cart buttons are supremely important in any eCommerce site to drive the purchase deals and hence must be positioned appropriately. They must be placed at a prominent place in every product page so that buyers get to know right away where to click to purchase. 5. Ease of useYou need to make your website as easy as possible for the customers.  They can search, compare and browse effortlessly to get the prettiest item. Only when you offer an easy and lucid experience to your customers, they will keep coming back. 6. Untroubled checkoutCheckout dropouts are probably the greatest setback for a flourishing online business and you need to be cautious about that. By using one-step checkout or guest checkout options you can assure higher closing rate for your site. Best eCommerce development and customisation at GetAProgrammer!GetAProgrammer pledge to help businesses with the true choice of platform, being a premier eCommerce development company with inherent specialization in Magento development in Australia.Get in TouchReach for our team of eCommerce experts to grow your online venture confidently!